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For any entry-level Cisco certification candidate, practice really does make perfect! While our Hands on Labs can be performed against your own equipment, or even simulated equipment, we recommend that you practice on our live Cisco equipment. The average price per hour of rental is just $2.40, while booking in advance makes the price even cheaper!

For a demonstration of renting and accessing our practice equipment, just click the link below. As always, enjoy your studies!

Rental Equipment Access

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The following Hands on Labs were added to CCENT:

  • Inspecting the Network Card Configuration
  • Viewing the ARP Cache of the Local PC
  • Configuring and Verifying LAN Connectivity
  • Configuring Basic RIP Version 2

Enjoy these new additions to the course!

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Hello faithful entry-level Cisco students! We are thrilled to announce the following updates to the CCENT course:

Practice Exam 2 is now posted – you will find this even more challenging than Practice Exam 1 – enjoy!

The Common Wireless Issues lesson was updated with a training simulation on updating your Linksys firmware.

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In the first part of this blog series, we made it clear that you will face simulation questions in the CCENT exam, and we provided a link so you could practice with the interface before your big day. In this blog post, I wanted to cover some frequently asked questions that we receive about these simulations.
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How do you use our new CCENT materials in order to ace your exam? Here is my recommended study approach…

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Yes, there are simulations in the CCENT exam. In fact, there are lots of new interesting question types in addition to multiple-choice that you will face in the CCENT exam.

The first thing you want to do is get a general familiarity with these unique question types long before you ever sit at the exam. Why? Because the last thing in the world you want to do while in the exam is waste any time fumbling with the question interface in any way. With this exam, time is not on your side! You need to know your stuff inside and out and be moving very quickly.

We are releasing our CCENT training in February of 2009. We will offer hands on training to get you ready for the simulations, and we will over-prepare you. But please note, we will not be using the simulation interface you will encounter in the exam.

Take some time now and visit the link below to become familiar with the type of exam questions you will see on your big day!

I will post a second part to this blog soon and discuss some important tips on these various question types:

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Our blog site continues to skyrocket in viewers and active participants. Thank you so much for supporting this site and reading and commenting on what we have to say. We love to teach and WRITE, and without your support, the blog WRITING part would certainly be wasted. ☺

One of the things I keep noticing about our blog is Cisco questions pretty unrelated to a particular blog in the comments for a certain post. I wanted to take this opportunity to remind all of our readers about a powerful resource on our site for any questions you might have. It is our Online Community at

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The Internet now has a new location for knowledge sharing when it comes to anything related to the CCENT Certification from Cisco Systems. Whether it is general questions or comments about the certification itself, or technical questions related to any entry-level networking technology, these forums are for you!

Just like our expert-level forums, these electronic collaboration areas are a friendly and fun way to have your questions answered anytime 24×7. Remember, the only foolish question is the one you do not ask.

If you are new to the forums, be sure to explore all of the features of the IEOC. For example, you can subscribe to forums and have posts sent right to your e-mail inbox.

We sincerely hope you use and enjoy these new forums; our staff of CCIEs and your enthusiastic study peers anxiously await your posts!

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I saw a CCENT student ask a pretty common question on a Cisco forum the other day…they wanted to know tips for making all the theory really “stick” when studying.

A great tip in this regard is to practice as much as possible as you study. Get your hands on your home network and investigate as much as possible to drive the theory home.

For example, in the Operation of Data Networks portion of the course, why not download the free protocol analyzer, Wireshark, and start examining the packets that are generated by common network events?

Here is a simulation that I pulled from our course to demonstrate just how valuable this can be. Enjoy:


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We are so excited to be debuting entry-level training in Cisco internetworking soon! This CCENT (Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician) training program will prove to be unique and unmatched in the Cisco training industry.

The training program will include live equipment, hands-on practice labs; Class on Demand video instruction; dynamic student assessments; and online mentoring 24 x 7; just to name a few!

All Class on Demand modules will feature CCIE-level (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert) instructors. As such, students will not have to doubt for a moment the qualifications of their instructor.

Here are some highlights and unique advantages provided by the InternetworkExpert entry-level training program:

  • Personalized Class on Demand Training – the classroom training is provided by one of our 5 CCIE Senior instructors; these are the same instructors who provide the mentoring throughout the program; more information regarding these incredible instructors can be found at the InternetworkExpert main Web site
  • Interactive Class On Demand Training – too often with online, self-paced training, students just sit and watch, never given a single opportunity to interact with the training materials; InternetworkExpert Class on Demand is unveiling unparalleled levels of interactivity with CCENT training
  • Real-world training focus – our CCENT training certainly covers every point needed for success in the exam, but the main focus is ensuring our students succeed in the support of actual networks
  • Unmatched practice exams – to ensure candidates are ready for the actual exam, InternetworkExpert provides detailed practice exams for the ICND1 test; exams include hands-on practice, drag and drop, multiple choice, and other questions formats that students can expect to see on test day
  • Hands-on practice – to ensure that students succeed in real-world network environments, and to ensure success in the exam, students work through rigorous hands-on lab exercises using actual Cisco equipment; lab scenarios are real-world based to ensure candidate success in the industry
  • 24×7 mentoring support is available through Instructor Hours, the InternetworkExpert Online Community, and e-mail and Live Chat options

Be sure to watch for sample course materials on our site soon. CCENT should be available prior to Q1 2009!

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