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As you may have noticed, INE does a wide variety of training in the Cisco space.  :)     This blog post goes out to all those folks who have recently begun their Cisco training.

This month we delivered new live classes on CCNA and CCNP. We are excited for and encourage our students at every level in their journey.   In that light, we have gathered a collection of Videos Answers, targeted at the CCNA level, with a few topics leaking into security and CCNP.   These videos were primarily created as quick (under 10 minutes each) Video Answers to questions that various learners have had.

Take a look at the list of topics, and if there are 1 or 2 you feel you would benefit from, feel free to enjoy them.

Here are a few of the topics (in no particular order):

  • How the network statement really works in IOS
  • Setting up SSH
  • Initial commands for sanity sake
  • NAT with overload
  • Router on a stick
  • VRFs Continue Reading

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Hello everyone! We want your feedback on changes to this product sent to:

Here is what we are going to do for sure:

  1. Replace rote memorization questions with newer, more accurate questions for the actual Core Knowledge Section.

Here is what we are proposing or at least thinking about :-) :

  1. Eliminate all computer grading and move to self-graded questions.
  2. Organize questions by topic area of the blueprint.

We look forward to your feedback on these proposed changes – or anything else you want done.

Happy studying everyone!

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One of the many skills that you must demonstrate as a CCENT candidate is your ability to configure basic password security on a Cisco router or switch. This blog post walks you through the configurations you must have mastered in order to succeed in this area of the exam.

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Sure, everyone knows that it is copy running-config startup-config in order to save your hard-earned configuration to the Non-volatile RAM (NVRAM) inside the device. But what about saving a copy of the configuration on your local PC? Well, this is easy thanks to a couple of tips and tricks, and the wonder of Notepad!

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