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Note that this announcement from Cisco is sort of a “pre-announcement” in that the official CCIE Security 4.0 change hasn’t been announced but will be really soon. This means if you want to take the v3 Security lab you should book your date ASAP.


The Real Life of an Expert: Introducing the New CCIE Security

CCIE Security 4.0 is unusual among security certificates for its up-to-date, real-world content. It emphasizes security competency and efficient problem solving in networks that use cloud services, carry voice and multimedia traffic, and are accessed by a variety of wireless devices.

The content, currently in development, may include real-world applications that involve:

  • Securing both wireless and wired networks, including managing security policy by device and service
  • Extending application awareness to security devices, moving security up to Layer 7 from the stateless packets of Layers 3 and 4, and applying policy on a per-identity basis
  • Applying security policy in a network that has voice and video traffic
  • Securing networks that use managed services, dual ISPs, IPv6, or IP multicast
  • Cisco will soon announce the blueprints for the CCIE Security 4.0 written and lab exams; the first exam will take place approximately six months later.

    Although there are no prerequisites for registration, Cisco offers a preparation path through its CCNA and/or CCNP Security levels, and recommends that candidates have at least three years of hands-on network security experience.

    Also I hope to see a few of you at the CCIE party here in London tonight. I’ll be easy to spot as I’ll probably be one of the only sober CCIE’s there ;-) Lastly if you’re really bored you could follow me on Twitter while I’m here at Cisco Live Europe:

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    I would like to personally reach out and say thank you to our top IEOC community members for answering questions, helping others and making it an all around great online Cisco certification support community. The awards for the top four most active July 2011 members are:

    Deepak Arora - Apple iPad 2 – 32GB
    DarrellEscolaApple iPad 2 – 16GB – Apple iPad 2 – 32GB
    welshydragonApple iPod Touch – 32GB – Apple iPad 2 – 32GB
    LeninApple iPod Touch – 16GB – Apple iPad 2 – 32GB

    In August we will be doing the same by giving away two more iPad 2s and two more iPod Touchs to the top four members.  Contribute to the IEOC community in August and be rewarded by INE.


    Brian Dennis and I attended Cisco Live! – Networkers this week, and both enjoyed the privilege of sitting down to talk privately with Yusuf Bhaiji (Program Manager over the entire CCIE program) and Ben Ng (Program Manager over the CCIE Voice track) for roughly 45 minutes. It was quite an enjoyable and spirited talk, and I believe it benefited both sides – our side to gain a better understanding of why some of the choices have been made, and theirs possibly to see things a bit more ‘through the eyes of the typical hard-studying student’. I would like to take a moment to jot down some of the highlights from our conversation, and then unpack them in a bit more detail, so that you may benefit from the open conversation.


    I’ll jot down some very simple, high-level topics that were discussed during our conversation, and then unpack them in more detail in the following section.

    • Upcoming changes to every CCIE Lab Exam
      • Protecting the integrity of the CCIE certification
      • Robust, matured results-based grading engine
      • Heuristic logic embedded into task wording
      • Accuracy and detail of lab score reports
      • Cisco’s CCIE Lab Delivery System and virtualization for mobile labs
      • No re-reads
    • CCIE Voice
      • Next blueprint version expectation
      • Topics for current and next blueprint versions
    • CCIE Data Center
      • CCIE Storage grows up
    • Reason behind CCIE Statistics web page being removed

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    Wow! I can’t believe we’re finally wrapping up this product release. It’s the longest online class we’ve ever done at just over 80 hours and at the end of the day we ended up with over 8TB (that’s 8000 gigabytes of video!) in raw format. We captured all of the video locally to the instructor in HD (720p). This allowed us to professionally edit all 150+ videos and make them available in various resolutions and formats. We are offering the videos in three 16:9 formats. The first is 640×320 and is designed for low bandwidth Internet connections and small portable devices. The second is 960×540 and is designed for standard Internet connections and tablet computers (iPad, etc). Lastly we offer a 1280×720 HD option for people with high bandwidth Internet connections and viewing on large screens (computer monitors, TVs, etc). All of the videos have a downloadable option for customers with access to them. If you’re interested in the downloadable version of the class the low bandwidth format is roughly 80 to 100MB per hour of video. The high bandwidth format is roughly 250 to 500MB per hour of video and finally the HD format is 1GB to 1.4GB per hour of video.

    For our overseas customers we’ve purchased bandwidth and storage in datacenters located in Europe and Asia with our CDN to allow for faster streaming and downloads.

    We’re starting to release more of the RS ATC videos by Wednesday with all of them being released by June 6th. Additionally all of the videos are being transcribed to allow for closed captioning and to allow searching within a particular video or all videos which enables us to link you to exactly what you are looking for. An audio version of the videos will also be available starting next week.

    The next product for CCIE Routing and Switching that we’re releasing is the video from a live 12 Day Bootcamp taught by Petr and Brian McGahan. For CCIE Voice we’re releasing a totally new ATC done by Mark that is over 60 hours of content in HD. The videos from the latest CCIE Voice 5 Day Bootcamp that was held here in Seattle will also be available next week. While we’re on the topic of new videos we have a CCDE product being finalized for release, a new CCNA class coming out, more RS CCIE Deep Dives in the works and this is just what’s being released in the next 6 weeks!

    The best news is that everyone with an All Access Pass subscription will have access to all of these new videos with their subscription. That’s a lot of value for just $159 a month or $1599 for a year’s access.

    Oh, I almost forgot to include the link to the ATC sneak peek of the first five modules: :

    **** UPDATE ****

    Here are the direct links to the audio versions of the sample.

    Using the Cisco Documentation
    Ethernet Overview, Layer 2 Switchports, Trunking, ISL, 802.1q, DTP
    VTP, VTP Authentication, VTP Pruning
    VTP Prune Eligible List, VTP Transparent, VTP Troubleshooting, Trunk Allowed List, Extended VLANs


    As everyone knows we’re making a massive push to release more videos and moving over to a new delivery method (HTML5).  With this new solution we can support closed captions.  I’ve uploaded a sample CCIE Voice Deep Dive video with closed captions enabled to YouTube and wanted to know the community’s feedback as to the value it will add.

    Click on the “cc” icon in the YouTube player to enable closed captions if they are disabled.

    Closed captions will allow us to offer transcripts of the videos and allow every video to be searchable so you can quickly find which video covers a particular topic and the exact part of a video that it’s cover in. Additionally we’ll be able to link you to that exact part of the video. Let me know what you all think by commenting below.

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    Well this is the class that everyone wanted redone first so we’re running it online starting April 11th. Brian McGahan will be the primary instructor for the class with Petr and myself assisting. If you have an All Access Pass subscription or purchased the live version of the R&S ATC in the past you can attend the live class free of charge by contacting sales. Space is limited so if you want to attend the live version you need to contact sales ASAP.  Everyone who has purchased the R&S ATC CoD or has an All Access Pass subscription will automatically get access to the self-paced version.

    Lastly we’re going to be releasing a brand new 12 Day R&S Bootcamp CoD product in April for the All Access Pass customers.  I’ll make a detailed announcement in regards to it later this week but the reviews we are getting from the beta customers on it are excellent to say the very least.

    UPDATE –  If you would like to attend the online R&S ATC or just have access to the R&S ATC CoD (along with 1000′s of hours of additional training) but are a little short on funds you can sign up for the All Access Pass with a monthly subscription for just $159 a month.  Once you’re signed up for the AAP you can then register for the online class.



    After our recent announcement of our new All Access Training Pass we have received a enormous amount of positive feedback about the program.  In addition to this feedback we have received several questions about the program.  This post is designed to clarify some of these questions.

    Q: Who is this training program for?

    A: This program is targeted towards students who are on a tight budget, and are looking to get the most amount of training for a small amount of money.  Also, it allows for anyone studying for their CCIE to use the most expensive stand alone products, like the R&S Advanced Technologies Class, along with other training products at a much lower cost.  Lastly, it ensures you are covered when new products are released.

    Q: Is this product just for R&S and Voice candidates?

    A: No.  In short, Routing & Switching and Voice customers will gain the most value from the subscription, as there are more products in these tracks, however there are new products coming to all tracks which will be added to your subscription.  Also there are some topics that are good for all CCIE candidates, such as the overlap in technologies from Service Provider to Routing & Switching.

    Q: What products are going to be released or updated during my subscription that I will have access to?

    A: In the next year we have plans to not only update existing products and release totally new products, but also to expand upon some of our most popular products like the Voice Deep Dives.  The core of updates will focus on products that were not developed and presented by Brian McGahan, Petr Lapukhov, Mark Snow or myself.  The Routing and Switching Advanced Technologies Class along with the Security Advanced Technologies Class are just a few examples of products we are updating.  Any products updated or released will be automatically added in your subscription.

    Q: What happens at the end of my subscription?

    A: At the end of your subscription, access to all subscription products will be removed unless you renew your subscription.  Products that you’ve previously purchased on their own will remain in your account.

    Q: What is the renewal price of my new subscription?

    A: Before your subscription expires you will be able to extend the subscription for an additional year for just $999. (Option added at checkout) This is a 35% savings from the initial one year subscription.

    Q: Is my subscription auto-renewed?

    A: Yearly subscriptions will not be auto-renewed.  You will receive a email reminder before products expire to make sure you can take advantage of our renewal pricing.

    For your convenience and to prevent interruption in service, monthly subscriptions will be auto-renewed every thirty days.  You can cancel your subscription at any time.

    Q: What products are included with this new subscription?

    A: To see a full list of products please visit:

    Q: Why are workbooks not included in this subscription?

    A: We are looking into adding workbooks as an upgrade option to our all access pass.  The upgrade path will be discounted for previous customers who buy before the workbooks are added. UPDATE: Upgrade options for the workbooks have been added to the All Access Pass.  You will be able to select a specific track at checkout for a one time upgrade fee.  These workbooks will remain in your account as long as your account is active.  Prices are as follows:  Routing & Switching (Volumes 1 -4 ) – $400, Voice ( Volumes 1 & 2) – $400, Security (Volumes 1 & 2) – $400, Service Provider (1 & 2) – $200. If you have already purchased the All Access Pass please contact to receive upgrade pricing.

    Q: Are there any discounts available?

    A: Discounts will be given for customers who purchase a two or more year subscriptions.  The price for adding an additional year to your subscription is $999.

    Find out more about the All Access Pass, and please leave any further questions below in the comment section.



    We’d like to send a huge congratulations out to Steven Glowacki who just emailed to thank us for helping him pass his CCIE Voice exam and get the newest number – 27831!

    Congratulations Steven!

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    If you have spent any time in the R&S forums in the IEOC, you have seen the username Deepak Arora. Deepak has achieved Elite status in the forum and is always challenging and helping his peers with his excellent posts.

    Thank you so much Deepak, and we look forward to celebrating your number soon. We are placing 100 GradedLabs rack rental tokens in your account as a small gesture of our appreciation.

    I am sure many are interested in Deepak’s story…here it is:

    Deepak at a Cisco event in South Africa.

    Deepak at a Cisco event in South Africa.

    I started my career in mid 2003 as a System Support Engineer after passing my 3 Year regular Diploma in Electronics (Microprocessor). During the last semester of my study in college I got this opportunity in a campus interview session. Could you believe I was just a 19 year old kid at that point with no idea how things worked in the real world ?…hehe

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    This is a short publication to help you get started with Graded Labs Racks Rentals for CCIE Routing and Switching. We often see people having repeating issues when renting the rack time, so this is guide on how to avoid them. This document is a companion to the following class-on-demand videos: Using the Rack Scheduling System and Access the Racks. It is recommended that you both read this publication and watch these short videos to fully benefit from Graded Labs rack rentals.

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