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To celebrate INE’s 7th year anniversary, we will be extending a 30% discount on all self-paced products and 15% discount on instructor-led training for 77 hours for each success story we receive during the month of August. Over the years we have helped hundreds of candidates pass the CCIE Lab Exam, and we would like to thank all of you for making it possible.

Use discount code: INE7SP to save 30% on self-paced material or INE7ILT to save 15% on instructor-led training.



RFC, or Request for Comments, are documents published that describe various items surrounding computer networking. Generally, these are memorandums published by the Internet Engineering Task Force.

RFCs can be a great resource. For some unknown reason, most candidates preparing for the CCIE don’t take the time to review these documents, which can be very helpful in assisting with understanding the how and why of various networking components. Perhaps the language is a bit dry, or they prefer books with shiny covers.

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Coming June 7th, 2010 – CCIE Voice Deep Dive

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Mark Snow, dual CCIE (CCIE #14073) has joined Internetwork Expert as a CCIE Voice Instructor. Mark brings years of teaching, technical writing, and consulting experience to Internetwork Expert. Mark’s certifications include two CCIEs, (Voice and Security), CCVP, CCNP, CCDP, CSE, CQS-CIPCCES, CQS-CIPTDS, CQS-CIPTOS, CQS-CIPTSS, MCSE.

Mark’s reputation for teaching and product development is highly regarded in the voice networking community, and will be a great addition to the team at Internetwork Expert. Mark will be joining Internetwork Expert’s leading CCIE instructor team led by five time CCIE Brian Dennis (CCIE #2210), four time CCIE  Petr Lapukhov (CCIE #16379), three time CCIE Brian McGahan (CCIE #8593).

Internetwork Expert is proud to have Mark join our Voice team and looks forward to his contributions.

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The CCIE R/S Written Exam is more important than ever! Click the link below to sample our new course. This course will be available in all formats (Live, Live Online, and Class On Demand) in May of this year! This course will be unmatched in the industry and will prepare students fully for the CCIE R/S Written and beyond. Enjoy!

Web Cache Communication Protocol (WCCP)

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Question: What is the recommended way to use the product?
Answer: We recommend at the very least doing a four-question simulation each day during your studies. The simulation should quickly pinpoint your weak areas that require additional reading/study.

Question: How many total questions are there?
Answer: We are adding questions every day initially, and then we will add to the database at least every week. We will always offer a method to view all questions no matter how big the database becomes.

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We thought we would let our “blog faithful” be the first to know about our new CCIE R/S Core Knowledge Simulation.

Use this tool to help pinpoint potential weaknesses in your knowledge of the vast scope of the R/S blueprint. As you might guess, this tool also helps in overall lab preparation as well, especially with the more vague lab tasks that require quite a bit of implied information.

No matter when your lab date, this query database will continue to grow – so be sure to visit it often. Enjoy your studies, and try not to let two short answer questions ruin your whole day. ☺

The CCIE R/S Core Knowledge Simulation

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There is a new Class-on-Demand for Understanding the Cisco Documentation available for public viewing. This CoD covers the new format of the documentation that has since changed from the old format. Understanding how to navigate the documentation is a vital skill to passing the exam, so if you haven’t spent much time with the new format I would highly recommend you take a look at this CoD.

Happy Labbing!

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The Internet now has a new location for knowledge sharing when it comes to anything related to the CCENT Certification from Cisco Systems. Whether it is general questions or comments about the certification itself, or technical questions related to any entry-level networking technology, these forums are for you!

Just like our expert-level forums, these electronic collaboration areas are a friendly and fun way to have your questions answered anytime 24×7. Remember, the only foolish question is the one you do not ask.

If you are new to the forums, be sure to explore all of the features of the IEOC. For example, you can subscribe to forums and have posts sent right to your e-mail inbox.

We sincerely hope you use and enjoy these new forums; our staff of CCIEs and your enthusiastic study peers anxiously await your posts!

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Yesterday must have been “National Cisco Security Advisory Day” as they released 11 of them:

Cisco Security Advisory: Vulnerability in Cisco IOS While Processing SSL Packet
Advisory ID: cisco-sa-20080924-ssl

Cisco Security Advisory: Cisco IOS IPS Denial of Service Vulnerability
Advisory ID: cisco-sa-20080924-iosips

Cisco Security Advisory: Multiple Multicast Vulnerabilities in Cisco IOS Software
Advisory ID: cisco-sa-20080924-multicast

Cisco Security Advisory: Cisco IOS NAT Skinny Call Control Protocol Vulnerability
Advisory ID: cisco-sa-20080924-sccp

Cisco Security Advisory: Cisco Unified Communications Manager Session Initiation Protocol Denial of Service Vulnerabilities
Advisory ID: cisco-sa-20080924-cucm

Cisco Security Advisory: Cisco uBR10012 Series Devices SNMP Vulnerability
Advisory ID: cisco-sa-20080924-ubr

Cisco Security Advisory: Cisco IOS MPLS VPN May Leak Information
Advisory ID: cisco-sa-20080924-vpn

Cisco Security Advisory: Cisco IOS MPLS Forwarding Infrastructure Denial of Service Vulnerability
Advisory ID: cisco-sa-20080924-mfi

Cisco Security Advisory: Cisco 10000, uBR10012, uBR7200 Series Devices IPC Vulnerability
Advisory ID: cisco-sa-20080924-ipc

Cisco Security Advisory: Cisco IOS Software Firewall Application Inspection Control Vulnerability
Advisory ID: cisco-sa-20080924-iosfw

Cisco Security Advisory: Cisco IOS Software Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) Denial of Service Vulnerability
Advisory ID: cisco-sa-20080924-l2tp


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