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We have added some new US and International CCIE Voice bootcamps to our schedule!

With every 10-Day Bootcamp purchase, INE gives you your choice of either:

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As you may know, I will be the lead instructor for our New CCIE Voice Advanced Technologies Class.

The main purpose of this post is to outline the class duration and format as well as to announce that I am taking student submitted topic requests for the class.  If there is something that you’re having trouble understanding during your studies, or have found something that is not covered in enough depth in other classes or products, submit your requests below as a comment, or directly to me via email at

The class will run 10 days, beginning on Monday 25 April and ending on Friday 6 May (sans Sat & Sun), and will begin each day at 07:00 PDT (GMT -7) and run roughly 8 hours, though some days could may very likely run longer.

The format of the class will consist of:

  • Lecture
  • Some Slides
  • Live Hands-On Demos
  • Testing
  • Intense Debugging and Trace Troubleshooting

Just as Brian McGahan stated in his post – I too have *so much* content that I am going to be covering in this 10 day class, that I don’t want to rush through any topics or skip any key points just to make the class fit into a normal template.  Therefore class length will depend largely on your topic requests as well as how many questions I get from students during the class.

As we noted previously, if you have an All Access Pass subscription (either yearly or monthly) or you previously purchased either the self-paced or live version of the Voice ATC in the past you can attend the live class free of charge by contacting sales. We can only seat 50 people in this particular online course, and last I talked with our bootcamp coordinator, more than 60% of those seats were filling up – so if you want a seat, you had better not hesitate and book it now by getting in contact with sales. Even if you end up not being able to attend part or all of the online version, the recorded class-on-demand version will still be available in your members area. Obviously the nice thing about attending the live version is being able to interact in real-time with me and other peers.

I look forward to seeing you in class!

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This is the other class that everyone wanted redone, so we’re running it online starting April 25th. I will be the instructor for the course. If you have an All Access Pass subscription or purchased the live or self-paced Voice ATC in the past, you can attend the live class free of charge by contacting sales. Space is limited so if you want to attend the live version you need to contact them ASAP. If you are a part of those groups then you will also, of course, get access to the self-paced version once the class is done recording, whether you are able to attend the live version or not.

Also, we are going to be releasing a brand new 5 Day Voice Bootcamp CoD product in May for the All Access Pass customers. More details on that to come in the next few weeks.

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Mark, I’d just like to say thanks again for the course. It was invaluable and played a huge part in my passing. I passed on my third go, last month just after the course. Without the tips and advice you provided in the bootcamp, I have no doubt I’d still be trying.

- Kevin Lloyd, CCIE Voice #27994

Congratulations Kevin!!

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Hi all, after a lot of studying and dedication i passed the Voice lab yesterday on my second attempt!!!! I want to thank a lot to Mark Snow for coaching me during the 2 week bootcamp. He made me feel very confident that I could pass, while also answering all of my questions and always providing clear explanations of all the topics. I also would like to to say that his Deep Dives videos are the best and were a fundamental part of my study and success in passing. I fully recommend the Deep Dive modules and the 2 week bootcamp. Again, thank you a lot for all Mark!!!!

Eduardo Elizondo, CCIE Voice #27511

Congratulations Eduardo!! Share in Eduardo’s Success! Get all 17 current Deep Dive modules for FREE (a $1495 value) when you purchase any upcoming 10-Day CCIE Voice Bootcamp by using discount code 27511 at checkout! Be sure to act on this generous offer fast as it will only be available until November 26!!

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I took the Voice lab exam last week and passed! I would like to send a BIG thank you to Mark Snow at INE for not only providing excellent training during the two weeks of intense bootcamp, but for taking the time to personally answer all of my questions and provide in-depth explanations in the areas where I was not feeling confident. Mark is an amazing instructor who cares about every student in the class. If you want to make the most of your studies and feel extremely confident before going for your CCIE Voice attempt, I highly recommend attending Internetwork Expert’s two week Voice bootcamp classes with Mark Snow!

Mark Holloway, CCIE Voice #27384

Congratulations Mark, CCIE Voice #27384!!

Share in Mark’s Success! Save 20% on the upcoming CCIE Voice 10-Day Bootcamp Nov. 29 – Dec. 10 2010 in London, UK when you use discount code 27384! You can also share in his success with 30% off all self-paced material for any track, just use discount code NOV30 at checkout!

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A while back, Cisco began consolidating all of the CCIE lab equipment used by candidates when sitting to write their practical lab exam. Most of the lab hardware now resides in San Jose, California US, with only the Storage and Wireless awaiting movement. While most of the CCIE tracks’ practical lab examinations are able to be completely self-contained inside a single rack, the pesky Voice exam remains an abnormality with the need for hardware IP phones at the testing site where the candidate may sit for the exam.

Having the IP phones in a completely separate location — and therefore seemingly an entirely different L3 IP subnet — would seem to present a major challenge for candidates attempting to test certain configuration tasks such as Multicast Music on Hold, many QoS mechanisms, SRST, and even smaller things such as CDP discovery and DHCP. So how is Cisco able to get away with having phones at a remote location (5000 miles or more in some instances), and yet still allow candidates to configure and then properly test what they critically need to?

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