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In this first of a series of blog posts regarding Catalyst QoS, we will exam the AutoQoS capabilities on the 3560 Catalyst devices. AutoQoS allows for the automation of QoS settings for the switch with an absolute minimum of configuration required from the engineer. In particular, the 3560 AutoQoS features automates the classification and congestion management configurations required in VoIP environments. You should note that the 3560 AutoQoS has much “catching up” to do when you compare this feature to AutoQoS for VoIP and AutoQoS for Enterprise that are both now possible in the pure router class of Cisco devices.

First, the easy part. The interface configuration command required for QoS is simply:

auto qos voip [cisco-phone | cisco-softphone | trust]

Notice the auto qos voip command is used in conjunction with keywords that specify what devices to “trust” when it comes to these important VoIP packets. The cisco-phone keyword instructs the AutoQoS feature to only trust and act upon the incoming voice packets if they are truly sent from a Cisco IP Phone. The phone’s presence is detected thanks to CDP. Similarly, the cisco-softphone keyword instructs the device to only trust and act upon the voice packets if they are sent from a Cisco phone running in software on a PC. Finally, the trust keyword instructs the device to trust markings for VoIP packets that are coming from another switch or router over the port.

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People are often confused with per-VLAN classification, policing and marking features in the Catalyst 3550 and 3560 models. The biggest problem is lack of comprehensive examples in the Documentation CD. Let’s quickly review and compare traffic policing features available on both platforms. The material below is a condensed excerpt of several Catalyst QoS topics covered in the “QoS” section of our IEWB VOL1 V5. You will find more in-depth explanations and large number of simulation-based verifications in the upcoming section of the workbook.

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