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Congratulations to Brett Saling (CCCIE #25890) for passing his CCIE Voice Lab Exam and for leaving us this positive feedback.

” More than impressed with the talent at INE and their contribution as trusted advisors to my success in achieving this certification. I had the opportunity to spend a week at the bootcamp in Reno and solidify the gaps in my knowledge before facing the actual lab. Being able to throw questions back at live bodies while in the midst of mock-lab tasks is priceless as those ‘pesky’ questions usually surface when studying and your phone-a-friends are out drinking.

Much thanks to Josh Finke for his time, insight and patience and for having the tenacity to take students under his wing and provide the necessary resources to strengthen their understanding of core technologies.

Cathartic experience for sure. Now time for a little break, a little make-up family time, then on to Security!”

Now we are giving you the chance to celebrate with Brett and get your CCIE Voice.  All CCIE Voice products are 20% off including our v3.0 Training Program and our Essentials Training Package.  This is an incredible savings.  Find out more here.

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First of all, for all you guys waiting for more RS updates: three updated full-scale IEWB-RS VOL2 labs have been posted to all subscribed accounts. Another IEWB-RS VOL4 lab is to be posted this weekend.

And now, even better news – we have ten people passing their CCIE labs this week (or maybe even more, we may have not heard from all!). Here is the happy bunch:

  • Chris Riling CCIE #25581 (R&S)
  • Rasim Huseynov CCIE # 25610 (R&S)
  • Wilhelm Boeddinghaus CCIE #25603 (R&S)
  • Federico Cossu CCIE #25593 (R&S)
  • Andrew Forest CCIE # 25526 (R&S)
  • Keith Kim CCIE #25513 (R&S)
  • Ali Salim CCIE#25515 (R&S)
  • Jose Allan Villaescusa CCIE #25556 (R&S)
  • Paul Lavelle CCIE #25542 (R&S)
  • Naga Sayeenathan CCIE #25532 (R&S)

Our sincere congratulations to you all! We are glad we could help you on your way to your success! And now time for inspiring stories and insightful tips from the people who recently passed!

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