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Congratulations go out to Keith Humphreys who recently passed his CCIE Service Provider Lab Exam on his first attempt! Keith was a student in a recent CCIE SPv3 Bootcamp that I taught in London, and posted a very inspirational story about his road to CCIE success on INE’s Online Commmunity. It’s a long one, but is definitely worth the read.

Congrats Keith!

Finally after years of preparation I have passed my 1st CCIE on my 1st attempt in Diegem, which is the party centre of the universe, isn’t it!? Below I will go through my preparation, what I did, when I did it and it’s probably all repetition of other peoples experiences but you only pass the CCIE for the 1st time once so I’m going to babble on cos this is my moment :D

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Congratulations to Neil Moore on passing the CCIE Data Center Lab Exam, and becoming the first and only Seven Time CCIE in the world!

Neil attended INE’s CCIE Data Center Bootcamp and used INE’s CCIE Data Center Workbook, CCIE Data Center Videos, and CCIE Data Center Rack Rentals during his preparation for the lab exam.

Congratulations Neil!

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Our Congratulations go out to James Ringland, who passed the CCIE Voice Lab Exam this past month!

They threw the kitchen sink at me but I passed. Thanks!

James Ringland, CCIE #28642 (Voice)

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Our Congratulations to Fatai Adekunle, who passed the CCIE Voice Lab Exam this past week!

I passed my lab yesterday in Brussels. Now i will take out time to rest and relax. Thanks Mark – God bless so much. It was a stressful but worthy journey.

Mark Snow is an instructor I cannot but keep following. I
actually followed him from IPExpert to INE.

I used INE new video that mark snow did and it did not only
re-taught me the technology, it gave me a better confidence to pass.

In fact, as a CCIE voice, i have mandated my Company to buy the new
CCNA/CCNP voice to the library as a reference document.


Fatai Adekunle, CCIE #29052 (Voice)

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We are happy to congratulate our student, Ahmet Gokhan Yalcin on obtaining his prestigious CCIE Security certification! It is my personal pleasure to congratulate Ahmet, after meeting him in our CCIE Security Bootcamp in Tampa this year. Here is what Ahmet has to say about his road to CCIE:

Hi all,

I passed my CCIE Security lab exam on my first attempt on 21 April. It took my 6 months to overcome this exam. I attended to CCIE Security Bootcamp prepared by INE and intsructed by Petr Lapukhov, this was really helpful in understanding the nature of the exam and getting a detailed overview. Other than that I used the practice bundle containing the Volume 2 Workbook and rack rentals, this gave me the feeling of doing an actual lab exam and experiencing the real exam difficulties. I want to thank to INE team who prepare those beneficial documents, and also I want to thank to my family for their great support during my studies.

Once again, congratulations, Ahmet!

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The whole INE team is happy to congratulate Rock Bassole, CCIE #28657! It was my personal pleasure to meet Rock in our CCIE R&S Bootcamps, and I’m glad to see him getting the so well-deserved CCIE title! Keep up the good work, Rock!

After many months of preparation, I finally passed the CCIE lab exam on April 14th. I want to thank INE for its great material that helped me in this preparation. I used the advanced technologies class on demand and the CCIE Workbooks VOL 1, 2 and 4 to deepen and perfect my knowledge. The CCIE Bootcamp was a nice and rewarding experience. It was a rich source of opportunity that allowed me to re-enforce the most important areas of the blueprint. A long side of the long days of hard work in Tampa, I had the opportunity to tie up new relationships in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Many thanks to INE Instructors for their precious advices and guidance. I finally want to thank my family and friends for their constant support. A page is now turned; hope to write another one, in the future, with INE.

Congratulations, Rock, and thank you for choosing INE to help you in pursuit of your goals! Everyone else – stay tuned for upcoming in-depth technical blog posts from INE!

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Our Congratulations go out to Sorin Platon, who recently passed the CCIE R&S Lab Exam! Here’s what Sorin had to say about his preparation:

I finally finished my journey on May 9th in San Jose

I started on September 2009 with the CCIE 2.0 program

I used it to pass my written and study for my lab, I remember when I pass the written I wasn’t reliefed just happy I can finally start on VOL1

I exclusively used the graded labs for Vol1 this gave me a feeling of real equipment behaviour and also I had a precise studying schedule

I did vol1 and took good notes, something that you can revise quickly, then I went for week 1 of the bootcamp in August is Chicago, Brian was our teacher and it was a good experience, we revise and cemented a lot of key concepts.

Then I went and I tackled VOL2, I used both GNS3 for its flexibility and the graded labs, the experience gained in Vol1 was invaluable for this portion of the preparation.

The vol2 is a great tool, the key is how you use it, in the beginning I used to look at the solution but that wasn’t the best way to do it, IEOC was always helpful when I had a question of a solution I used and why is not the SG solution or if is right or not.

I took first graded lab and I did horribly but it was a useful experience to take the full 8hrs and just do the complete lab, usually I was spreading a Vol2 lab over a few days, but is not the same experience.

To change the pace I used vol3 that taught me how to be faster in my IGP and BGP.

Vol4 was the hardest one but it was a good revision tool

In February I went to the week 2 mock labs of the bootcamp in Chicago and that was an eye opener, Petr new mock labs are one of the best preparation tools out there

The mock days lab are getting your brain trained to concentrate for 8 hours and how fast those hours fly and how soft your brain gets in the last 2 hours

I went for my first try in March and it was a failure, I knew that my stress was way too high and I can do it if I use all the knowledge and all the ‘how to” that I’ve learned. The next day after I got my score I went and schedule my next attempt.

On my second attempt I was calmer, cooler and my attitude was a positive one without being a forced positive, after I did the troubleshooting I knew I had a real chance of passing it.

The last hour of the lab was the hardest but I’m sure if I didn’t step it up during that hour I wouldn’t be writing this right now.

I got my result 35 minutes after the lab and I took me forever to have the courage and log in, when I saw pass I couldn’t believe it and I checked and recked, the joy was taking all my energy left i barely could talk to my wife

Thank you INE for the training, thank you to all my family and friends for the support

Sorin Platon CCIE #28841

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The whole INE team would like to congratulate Blake Fincher, who is now CCIE Security #28738! Blake was one of our bright students attending INE’s CCIE Security bootcamp in August last year. We are more than happy to see him passing the lab and getting the title he deserved! Once again, congratulations, Blake! Here is what Blake has to say about INE’s training:

I wanted to let you guys know i passed my Security lab on April 26th in RTP, i am now CCIE# 28738, and wanted to take a brief moment to share my success story with you guys since your company was such an integral part of my success. I have been preparing for this test off and on for about 7 years now, i have been in the industry for 15 years. I have been a member of INE for several years but did not start taking my studies seriously until about 3 years ago, i attended a boot camp back in August of 2010 that was taught by Petr Lapukhov in Reno and it was exactly what i needed, Petr developed a 5 day lab challenge that was absolutely amazing, shortly after the bootcamp i sat the lab and missed it by a narrow margin, i was somewhat discouraged but Petr emailed me and chatted with me on IM and encouraged me to continue to move forward and told me to continue working on his 5 day lab and pointed out specific CCIE Security Vol 1 and CCIE Security Vol 2 labs to work on, he also pointed me to several Blog posts on the INE site that were priceless in helping me understand certain technologies that i was struggling with, Petr never once hesitated to answer any questions that I had, which has made me and the company I work for INE customers for life. I sat the lab again on April 26th and felt more than prepared and passed. I cannot thank Petr and INE enough, they were so instrumental in my learning and helping me prepare to pass one of the most rigorous exams in the industry, THANK YOU INE and THANK YOU PETR!!!


Blake Fincher
CCIE# 28738 (Security)
Lead Network Engineer

Thanks, Blake, and hope to see you soon in INE’s R&S classes!

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It is time for Somit to celebrate his well-deserved CCIE title! We would like to congratulate him and wish all the best in his pursuit of perfection in mastery of networking technologies! Here is what Somit has to say about INE and his CCIE story!

Now it is the time to write my own success story, it was a big dream for me and dreams do come true. This was a very long journey and it had a lots of ups and downs but the ultimate goal never changed to get the 5 digits. I cleared my CCIE (R&S) Lab on 9th April from Banglore. My CCIE number is 28603. This was my second attempt. My CCIE Journey started back in Feb last year (2010) when I cleared my CCIE Written Exam with a perfect score (1000/1000). At that time I got enrolled in CCIE 2.0 program (now CCIE 4.0 program) from INE and I extensively used your Workbooks 1-4 especially Workbook VOL 1, which is one of a kind and was the base for all of my CCIE preparation. I cleared my Troubleshooting section in 40 minutes straight. Thanks to INE’s Workbook VOL 2 and VOL 4 which has really boosted my confidence and I cleared the Configuration part in 3.5 hours with ample time in hand for verification. I also used extensively INE’s Blog to clear most of my doubts. I want to thank INE (the Brian duos, Petr, former instructor Keith), my family (wife Renuka and daughter Navya) and my friends (Hansraj and Shrikant) who all supported me a lot during my preparation. Also I would like to thank Robert Deweese from INE Sales team for giving me a good deal in getting enrolled in INE CCIE 2.0 program. It’s time to move forward and start preparing for CCIE Security Lab.

Thanks and Regards,
Somit Maloo
CCIE# 28603

Once again, congratulations from INE!

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Congratulations to Muhammad Atif Orakzai, who passed the CCIE R&S Lab Exam on his first attempt!  Here’s what Muhammad had to say about his preparation:

Dear INE

First of of all I am thankful to God and than to INE that i was able to achieve CCIE in my “First Attempt “, which I seriously think not easy though but not impossible , but i did it.

I am very very thankful to two Brians , i have no words for their tremendous  work , Once again thank you so much for your wonderful products , if any one wants to achieve CCIE and have no plans to touch INE i think that would be for sure a stupid idea .I was also tool hunter in the start like others but than i listened to one of the  lecture of Brian McGahan where he said whatever you have concentrate on that .But than i realized its better to have CCIE 2.0 Program, which i believe is the best investment some one can have .

I used the following materials

INE 2.0 program that includes all products for sure  :)

INE blogs

TCP volume 1 and 2 and other related books

CCIE routing and switching  4.0 book

Most of time i also used alot of online references if i would get stuck some where ……………..

Open lecture series is the best of the best i have watched them many many times , honestly i know before what Brian will talk about lol, after watching it many many times for sure it will be running in your blood.

I started My CCIE journey back in 2005 , At that time i had only dream that’s i thought it will be just a  dream and i will never get it but if you work hard , for sure God will give you reward……..

I passed my CCIE on April 26 at San jose  and got my magic number with in 3 hours :)   it was my first attempt and i was able to get it. If thought i will fail lol but i got it and i had plans to reschedule for RTP since i live in North Carolina but i was not able to find seats so i had to fly to CA.Anyways long stressful journey is over………

I am thankful once again to my Family for their support and help and above all GOD’s help because with out him Nothing is impossible …………………………..

last but not least Nothing is impossible all you need to do is to set up your mind to get it and work hard for that, that is the only way to get any thing…………. Like Scott Moris says ” knowledge is power , power corrupts , study hard and be evil :) .

Thanks Every one




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