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CCIE R&S 5.0 Update

For information about our CCIE R&S v5.0 Training Program see the video series CCIE Routing & Switching – Overview and Preparation


Congratulations on purchasing INE’s CCIE R&S v4.0 Training Program, the complete solution to passing the CCIE R&S lab exam! This document provides you with the detailed guidelines to using the products comprising the training program. This program structure has been designed under the realistic assumption that you may allocate about 3 days a week studying for your CCIE, approximately 4 hours a day, or effectively 12 hours a week. The suggested training duration is 48 weeks and the program’s high level structure is as following:

Warm-up Phase. Weeks 01-12. Gets you started for CCIE studies. Covers core topics, develops basic hands-on and speed skills.
Core Training. Weeks 13-24. This phase develops solid hands-on skills and cements fundamental knowledge.
Advanced Training. Weeks 25-48. Gets you to the advanced level of technology understanding and perfection in hands-on skills.
Appendix A: Choosing Your Training Routine: Select either 3-month, 6-month or 12-month program.
Appendix B: Step by Step approach to completing a full-scale lab.
Appendix C: On Time Management.

It is important to point out that the CCIE R&S Training program develops advanced hands-on configuration skills. You are assumed to obtain a solid theoretical knowledge foundation by studying for and passing the CCIE R&S Written test prior to starting this program. Additionally, if you find yourself needing additional theoretical reference during your studies, the following book is recommended:

Internetworking with TCP/IP, Vol 1 by Douglas E. Comer (Latest edition)

The below is the detailed structure of the training program. Those of you who follow our blog will notice that this program builds upon the ideas presented in a previous publication named Getting The Most Out of CCIE R&S Workbooks VOL1 and VOL2. Before we start with the training outline, here is the complete list of the products that constitute the the core of program:

We’ll reference these products as we progress through the guide. We recommend you opening the free samples of VOL1 and VOL2 products so you can look into them for better understanding as you read this guide.

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