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Graded R&S CCIE troubleshooting lab 3 has been released. You’ll find that this lab has detailed walk-through breakdowns with me explaining how the fault/faults were discovered along with the solution. Additional I discuss other possible solutions and explain why a particular solution is used.

After we released the first two labs a few months back and got the feedback from the users we know that this is the future of INE’s Routing and Switching CCIE labs going forward. I’m going to start writing new labs that focus on a mix of configuration and troubleshooting along with labs that focus on a particular technology (i.e. IPv6 multicast lab, BGP lab, OSPFv2 lab, etc) so not only will they help you with the troubleshooting section but also the configuration section.

We will be pushing a new update out sometime this month that will allow you to compare your command output right alongside the solutions command output. This way if you missed a ticket you can go back and look at exactly why your solution wasn’t valid.

Lastly I’ve lowered the pricing of the TS graded labs to 30 tokens. This is more in line with the rest of the rack pricing. If you have any questions concerning these new TS labs or any INE product feel free to email me directly at

For those who are unfamiliar with the new Troubleshooting labs you can book them for 30 tokens in your members site account.

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Tomorrow I’ll be releasing R&S CCIE Troubleshooting Lab 2 and I’m shooting for lab 3 on Monday or Tuesday. These will also be automatically graded just like lab 1. In fact my plan is to have ALL future R&S CCIE labs from INE automatically graded. It only takes 2 to 3 hours for me to input and test out the grading for a lab after the lab is written. The lab authoring interface on our grading system makes it easy for me to create and release a new lab and/or modify an existing lab. I’m really happy with the feedback we’re receiving with our new graded troubleshooting labs and I see this as a big part of INE’s future.

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Edit: This session starts today – 2012/11/01 at 10:00 PDT at

On Thursday Nov 1st at 10am PDT I’ll be holding a vseminar to kickoff our much anticipated R&S CCIE Troubleshooting labs, grading and rack rentals to the public. What I’m going to offer is a FREE troubleshooting lab, rack rental and grading to ALL of INE’s R&S customers. This means everyone who has attended an R&S bootcamp, bought an R&S workbook or an R&S video product from INE will have the ability to register for one of the troubleshooting sessions via their members site account after the vseminar next week. This is my way of saying thanks for letting INE help you achieve your goals.

The first troubleshooting session will be Friday after the vseminar and we’ve allocated 8 of our 16 full scale troubleshooting racks for the free sessions and the other 8 for standard rental to the public. To sign up for the vseminar use this link. The link to sign up for the free troubleshooting session will appear in everyone’s members’ site account after the vseminar.

Additionally next week I’ll be announcing our new Nexus online course that will cover the Nexus 7000, 5000 and 2000 series switches. Students will have access to a pod consisting of a 7010, two 5548s, and a 2232 to do the labs used in this course. This will be the perfect course for anyone working on Nexus in their day-to-day job or someone just starting out on their journey for the Datacenter CCIE lab.

Lastly next week I’ll also be announcing my 2013 onsite bootcamp schedule and my brand new series of online bootcamps that will start in December.

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I’ve received a lot of emails in regards to the R&S CCIE Troubleshooting Bootcamp that starts tomorrow so I’m going to post a quick FAQ here.

Q – What time does the bootcamp start?
A – The bootcamp will start at 10am (PST) on Monday Oct 1st and 9:30am Tuesday through Friday.

Q – What is the outline for the bootcamp?
A – Monday morning – Introduction and overview. Monday afternoon – Building a 28 router 4 switch topology from scratch. Monday evening – Lab 1 Tickets.
Tuesday morning and afternoon – Lab 1 breakdown and walk-through. Tuesday evening – Lab 2 Tickets.
Wednesday morning and afternoon – Lab 2 breakdown and walk-through. Wednesday evening – Lab 3 Tickets.
Thursday morning and afternoon – Lab 3 breakdown and walk-through. Thursday evening – Lab 4 Tickets.
Friday morning and afternoon – Lab 4 breakdown and walk-through.

Q – How do I join in on the bootcamp?
A – The link to join the live session will be in your members site account.

Q – What about the material for the bootcamp?
A – The material will be available for all AAP subscribers and anyone who attended an R&S CCIE 10 Day Bootcamp.

Q – Can we rent the TS racks for the bootcamp?
A – The TS racks are reserved for students who are attending the R&S CCIE TS Bootcamp and this bootcamp is sold out. We currently have 16 racks but are going to up it to 24 over the next two months. We have just opened up seats for the RTP TS Bootcamp later this month as we’re adding 4 more TS racks by the start and 9 overall. If you attended an R&S CCIE 10 Day Bootcamp and would also like access to a TS rack after the bootcamp just let me know.

Q – Can we do these TS labs in GNS3?
A – Yes but I’m going to rework them slightly by the time the first TS lab starts tomorrow evening around 5 or 6pm. I’ve been beating my head in all weekend trying to verify the labs in GNS3 but it’s 11:30pm Sunday night now and I’m just going to rework the topology slightly to work around some of the issues.

Q – Can we rent the TS racks after the bootcamp?
A – Currently most of the racks are being used by students who attended an R&S CCIE 10 Day Bootcamp but after the RTP TS Bootcamp at the end of this month we’ll open 10 or so to be rented. A TS lab will come with each of the rental sessions.

Q – Will you be covering tips and tricks for the TS lab?
A – No. I don’t teach tips and/or tricks. I leave those gimmicks for others to teach. I will of course cover strategy for the TS lab but the main focus is once again to understand how the technologies work. When you know how the technologies work, troubleshooting just comes naturally. This is why I spend at least 45 minutes to an hour covering each ticket.

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We’ve added a few online seats to the R&S CCIE Troubleshooting Bootcamp that is being held here in Bellevue, WA starting October 1st and streamed online live. The online seats include your own dedicated rack of 28 ISRs and 4 switches along with grading for the week plus the weekend following the bootcamp. Additionally if you are an AAP (All Access Pass) member and a little venturous you could do the Troubleshooting Bootcamp using GNS3 without costing you anything. You will need a decent machine to run 32 devices in GNS3 or could use something like Amazon’s or RackSpace’s cloud servers. I’ll post the instructions on how to install and run GNS3 using Amazon’s and RackSpace’s cloud here on the blog. It’ll cost roughly 30 cents per hour to run a server powerful enough for the troubleshooting topology but you only pay Amazon or RackSpace for the hours when the machine is running. So roughly $12 in server fees for the full bootcamp.

This isn’t like other troubleshooting bootcamps in that we are the only company offering a full troubleshooting topology using 32 device topology (28 routers and 4 switches) along with lab grading. One of the offerings out there teaches troubleshooting using PowerPoint slides but the last time I checked Microsoft’s PowerPoint isn’t on the lab blueprint ;-) Here is a sample topology from the bootcamp:

CCIE Troubleshooting Lab

Additionally I spend a ton of time hands-on breaking down the tickets and their technologies. Roughly 8 hours per day is spent going over the previous evening’s tickets. If you have any questions regarding the R&S CCIE Troubleshooting Bootcamp feel free to email me directly. My email is

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Tomorrow at 10am PST (-7 GMT) I will be hosting a vSeminar covering one of the new Troubleshooting Labs using our new 32 device racks. This session, as with all of my sessions, is being done hands on and should run about 5 to 7 hours. I will do a quick introduction covering our new racks, lab interface, and details for the Troubleshooting portion of the real CCIE Lab exam but the remaining time I will be doing a troubleshooting lab hands on. To sign up, use the link below and then go to before the session starts.

vSeminar Sign up

This vSeminar is the exact same style as my live bootcamps and that style is hands on. It’s far easier to learn troubleshooting and advanced networking in general if you can see someone experienced walk you through it so you can learn what their thought process is and how they go about the configuration, verification and troubleshooting. Then when you do it yourself it’s far easier since you’ve actually seen it done and not just heard it talked about during a PowerPoint presentation. ;-)

I’ll join in the live chat during the session so if you all have any curve balls you want to throw at me feel free. I love to be challenged ;-)

Here is the logical topology we will be using (click to download the PDF):

CCIE Troubleshooting Lab

Here is the physical topology:
INE R&S CCIE Troubleshooting Physical Topology

This session will be recorded and available free of charge as a sample for our new R&S CCIE Troubleshooting Bootcamp.

Secondly in San Diego during Cisco Live we will be hosting four R&S CCIE Troubleshooting sessions for people to test out our new TS racks, labs and grading interface. If you would like to sign up and reserve a spot use the link below:

We will be giving out an iPad to the best score (fastest time as the tie breaker) from each session.

Lastly I have four weeks off between now and the end of the year that I’m not teaching a public or private CCIE bootcamp. I want to take that time and spend it doing 3 or 4 day technology focused bootcamps covering the following topics:

1. IPv6 (2 Days)
2. OSPFv2 and OSPFv3 (4 Days)
3. BGP (3 Days)
4. MPLS and MPLS VPNs (3 Days)
5. PfR/OER (3 Days)
6. IPv4 and IPv6 Multicast (3 Days)
7. QoS (3 Days)
8. IP Services (3 Days)

There sessions will not be a rerun of the current R&S ATC videos but will build on top of what is covered in them. So if there is enough interest for these, as there appears to be, I’ll run them live in Bellevue, WA this summer. Basically they will run six days a week for four weeks straight. The recordings will be available via download for purchase or streamed with an All Access Pass membership. I’ll post more details regarding these sessions next week.

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Tomorrow I will be doing a vseminar on how to prepare for the R&S CCIE lab and Friday I will be doing another vseminar going over our new R&S CCIE Troubleshooting labs and racks along with a full lab walk-through. The first vseminar will last 4 or 5 hours and the second will last roughly 5 or 6 hours. If you would like to sign up for a session you can use the link below:

vSeminar Sign Up

Before the official announcements goes out tomorrow, if anyone is attending Cisco Live in San Diego in two weeks and would like to attend our party on Monday night (11 June) at the Altitude Sky Lounge next to the convention center (free food, booze and drawings for iPads every 30 minutes) you can sign up using the link below:

INE Party Sign up

Additionally we have space reserved at the convention center and are hosting four CCIE Troubleshooting sessions (two Wednesday and two Thursday). These sessions will last 3 hours each and we will be offering free R&S CCIE Troubleshooting Labs using our new 32 device topology with automated grading. We are giving away an iPad per session to the person who completes the troubleshooting lab with the highest score and fastest time. These new labs will be made available to the public for purchase after Cisco Live. There is extremely limited seating for the troubleshooting sessions so sign up now if interested using the form below. For the INE party we have space for a few hundred people but hurry up and get there early before Brian McGahan eats all of the sushi! ;-)

INE Troubleshooting Sign up

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Here is the link to the PfR/OER videos as promised.

This recording was taken during my 10 Day R&S Bootcamp here in our new Bellevue, WA classroom so if you ever wondered what one of my bootcamps were like, now you’ll know ;-) I did keep the jokes down since it was streamed live and being recorded. Also here is a picture of the bootcamp from the last day. A couple students had early flights and missed the picture but the gentleman on my right was the Bing employee that I was referring to in a couple of the jokes. Hopefully he’ll now be infamous ;-)

If anyone has any other topics they would like to see covered let me know. I want to do a session next week on how to prepare for the R&S CCIE Lab but I could also do an additional technical topic. Let me know what you all would like to see: IOS QoS, Layer 2 QoS, ZFW, Multicast Troubleshooting, MPLS VPN Troubleshooting, etc. I could take a lab from the new R&S CCIE Troubleshooting Bootcamp and walk through it. Here are a couple of the topologies we are using: Link

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I’m currently working on updating the Vol 2 Troubleshooting labs. I’m changing a good portion of the tickets and increasing the difficultly level of each lab. So if you’ve done the Vol 2 Troubleshooting labs in the past it’ll benefit you to go back through them. I’m also adding in a lot more layer 2, QoS, MPLS VPN and multicast related tickets. I hope to have this finished and uploaded sometime late next week or early the following week.

In addition to updating the Vol 2 Troubleshooting labs I’m currently working on a brand new Troubleshooting workbook for R&S. This one is based on a new rack topology that has 28 routers and 4 switches. Our new troubleshooting racks are being built now and we should start beta testing early next month. This workbook will support our new Troubleshooting racks, GNS3 and I even have a couple Cisco employees who are going to test the labs out for IOU support. Anyone who has our current workbook series will automatically receive the new Troubleshooting workbook free of charge.

I’ll be making another post later this month or early next month regarding additional updates and changes to our R&S workbooks. As always current customers will get the updated workbooks free of charge. Keep submitting any issues for our R&S workbooks using the feedback form in the members’s site. Weeks like this between teaching my brand new live R&S bootcamps I look through the reported issues to see if any updates are needed.

Over the coming weeks, you may notice blocks of racks being reserved as I’m having the 2600XMs removed and replaced with 2811s. The 2600XMs will replace the 2500s as the backbone routers. This will speed up the reload and rack reset times. The only changes you will see if that R1 and R2′s serial interfaces will now be S0/0/0 and S0/0/1 in contrast to S0/0 and S0/1. R1 and R2 will also have an additional Ethernet connection to SW1 and SW2 along with BB1 being connected by Ethernet to SW1 Fa0/24. These changes will not affect the current workbooks and our rack automation has already been updated to support the interface changes.

Our new CCNA and CCNP racks are being finished this week and should be available for rent after the recording of the CCNA and CCNP bootcamp videos this month.

Lastly we will be releasing new mock labs between November and the end of the year. These new mock labs will be based on a different physical rack topology than INE’s currently physical topology. I’ll post more information regarding them in the coming weeks.

If you have any specific questions regarding the R&S workbooks feel free to email me directly or post your comment below.

Good luck with your studies!

Brian Dennis, CCIEx5 #2210 (R&S/ISP-Dial/Security/SP/Voice)

If anyone was wondering what they get for $300 when you add-on the printed option to the R&S CCIE Workbook bundle see the image below. Since I’m working on the updates, I ordered a printed set for myself. I’ve been working on the electronic versions and knew it was a lot of material but was surprised at the sheer amount of material it is when it’s all printed out and laid on the floor in front of you.

ccie workbooks

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Cheers from London! I learned this week that a “Christmas Cracker” is not a food item, OR a person.  ;-)     There is so much to know.  I am grateful for students willing to show me the ropes here in the UK.   Thank you all.    Now on to the topic at hand.

MPLS is an important part of the RS Bootcamp, including troubleshooting MPLS.

Here is an MPLS troubleshooting scenario, that has 1 (one,одну,un,uno) configuration issue.  Can you spot it?  Lets get to it!  Here is the diagram.


Problem: Clients on the network are not able to ping the server, or any other devices, on the network. Your challenge, based on the provided IOS show commands only, is to identify the 1 configuration problem that is causing the network failure.

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