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After years of developing and delivering CCIE training programs, we’re finally proud to announce the launch of our new CCIE 2.0 Program – the next evolution in training – along with some exciting new product offerings that go along with it. The main theme for the new CCIE 2.0 Program focuses around three points: dynamic content, adaptive assessments, and continuing interaction.

One of the big problems with the traditional training model, as many of you know, is that the time to market for new content is usually immense. With the CCIE Lab blueprint being updated on a yearly or bi-yearly basis, traditionally it takes about this long – or longer – to get new content revisions out to the public. The CCIE 2.0 model fixes this by implementing a new perpetual online product release model, which ensures that you always have the latest and most up-to-date content available for the lab exam. Many of you have already seen this with the current CCIE R&S Lab Workbook Volume 1 Version 5, which has been going through an incremental release since its inception.

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