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Over time I was thinking of putting together the two blog posts made in the past about MSTP and adding more clarification for MSTP multi-region section. This new blog post recaps the information posted previously and provides more details this time. Additionally, it discusses some MSTP design-related questions. Both single-region and multiple-region MSTP configurations are reviewed in the post. The reader is assumed to have good understanding of classic STP and RSTP protocols as well as Cisco’s PVST/PVST+ implementations.

Table of Contents

Due to the large size of the document, a table of contents is provided for the ease of navigation.

Historical Review
Logical and Physical Topologies
Implementing MSTP
Caveats in MSTP Design
MSTP Single-Region Configuration Example
Common and Internal Spanning Tree (CIST)
Common Spanning Tree (CST)
Mapping MSTI’s to CIST
MSTP Multi Region Design Considerations
Interoperating with PVST+
Scenario 1: CIST Root and CIST Regional Root
Scenario 2: MSTIs and the Master Port
Scenario 3: PVST+ and MSTP Interoperation
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