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There are two types of troubleshooting that you’ll run into on the CCIE lab:

1. The “Proctor is Evil” Troubleshooting
2. The “Self-Induced” Troubleshooting

The latter type is by far the more time-consuming but also the most important. Basically you messed something up, therefore you have to fix it! (At least if you want the points) The reason it is the most time-consuming is because it could be ANY silly mistake or combination of silly mistakes along the way, and there is no predicting what kinds of things can be done to mess with your own head!

The most important rule with this kind of troubleshooting is time management. Set a time limit of 15 minutes. If you can’t figure something out in 15 minutes (no, I don’t care how “close” you think you are!) go do something else. Whether this involves a bathroom break, a soda/snack break, standing on your head on the high-quality lab chairs or simply moving on to another “service” or “security” task of your lab makes no difference. The idea is to separate your brain from staring at the same thing over and over.

The longer you stare at something, the more you see what you want and not what’s really there. Most self-induced errors are really small, and fairly inane. You know. Those “DUH!” moments once we figure it out. But time management is the consequence we suffer due to silly mistakes. Avoid it!

Anyway… on to the more exciting things. The unpredictable nature of the “Proctor is Evil” Troubleshooting. Having started my training career specializing in the old CIT (Cisco Internetwork Troubleshooting) class, I can greatly appreciate some of the humorous things that MAY get thrown into lab exams. The question becomes, if I don’t know what they are and there are many different things that could go wrong… What the heck do I do about it?!?!

Excellent question! Process, my dear. It’s all about process.

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