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We had a great response in turnout to Josh’s vSeminar yesterday. Thanks to everyone who made it out, we certainly hope it was beneficial for you!

A few comments from attendees in the ET helped us realize that the next Voice vSeminar, this Friday covering Simplifying Globalization and Localization, might be best held at 4pET/1pPT, rather than the 6pET/3pPT that it was originally scheduled for. So we changed it.

So why a lecture on this topic? Well, every class that I have taught over the last few months has invariably had most students walking in with a printout of the 40+ page, 3-part series on Globalization, Localization, and Mapping the Global to Local Variant blogs that I posted here on this blog a bit back. They all seem to have the same thing to say: “Excellent post, now can you simplify it just a bit for me and can you also explain why we would want to do any of this?”. So to that end – I decided to take on the task of helping you understand not only how in a much simpler way, but possibly more importantly, the why of it all. Continue Reading

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In this post we are going to describe a sample dialplan that could be used with PSTN simulator in your voice lab. Let’s start by looking at the following diagram to get basic understanding of the lab topology. In the diagram YY stands for two-digit rack number, for example 01 and 02 for racks 1 and 2, and Y is the last digit of the rack number for example 1 and 2 for racks 11 and 12.


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