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We had a great response in turnout to Josh’s vSeminar yesterday. Thanks to everyone who made it out, we certainly hope it was beneficial for you!

A few comments from attendees in the ET helped us realize that the next Voice vSeminar, this Friday covering Simplifying Globalization and Localization, might be best held at 4pET/1pPT, rather than the 6pET/3pPT that it was originally scheduled for. So we changed it.

So why a lecture on this topic? Well, every class that I have taught over the last few months has invariably had most students walking in with a printout of the 40+ page, 3-part series on Globalization, Localization, and Mapping the Global to Local Variant blogs that I posted here on this blog a bit back. They all seem to have the same thing to say: “Excellent post, now can you simplify it just a bit for me and can you also explain why we would want to do any of this?”. So to that end – I decided to take on the task of helping you understand not only how in a much simpler way, but possibly more importantly, the why of it all. Continue Reading

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For many of you geeks and nerds out there like me (I’ll take a poll as to which one is better at another time), you’ve worked with some *NIX flavor for many years now. For others of you, you have most likely dabbled with various Linux distro’s and have come to know commands as needed. One extremely powerful tool that you may or may not have come across during your years is SED or the Stream Editor (sometimes referred to as the String Editor as well). This tool can take input from stdin and manipulate it as it leaves via stdout.

For those of you that have used SED in the past, you will certainly notice some similarities to the Cisco set of commands known fondly to many voice folks as Voice Translation Rules, and given your ability to pick out the differences, may help you in your quick adaptation to Cisco’s iteration of this tool.

For those of you that have not ever used this tool, take no worry. For in these next series of blog posts I will attempt to break down not only the components of Voice Translation Rules, but of the overall science of Digit Manipulation in IOS, into bite-sized chunks that will help you to digest it much easier. Continue Reading

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