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There is a new Class-on-Demand for Understanding the Cisco Documentation available for public viewing. This CoD covers the new format of the documentation that has since changed from the old format. Understanding how to navigate the documentation is a vital skill to passing the exam, so if you haven’t spent much time with the new format I would highly recommend you take a look at this CoD.

Happy Labbing!

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I noticed that some of the links on the documentation link to Cisco’s main website. Will we have access to these links in the CCIE lab?

In the CCIE lab you will have access to any of the links on the DocCD ( Any of the links that link off of the DocCD can be accessed assuming they are related to the CCIE lab. Example: the link to Cisco’s Market Place from the DocCD will not be available in the lab or the link to the Product Quick Reference Guide won’t be available.

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Hi Brian,

What is the best way to search through Cisco Doc CD during lab exam? It will be nice to know the recommended best way (if there is any) to look for features in the CD. Can you please use a feature as an example and help locate where to find it in the CD?



Hi Olu,

In the CCIE Lab Exam you will have access to browse the documentation CD, but will not have access to the “search” feature of it. You can however still use the “find in page” feature of the web browser used to access the documents. For the majority of core features, such as IP Routing, you should know how to manually browse through the CD to find what you’re looking for, but let’s say that you’re looking for a non-core feature that you don’t know exactly where it’s located. In this case you can use the command reference master index and the configuration guide master index.

To start go to This is the homepage you will see appear when you open your web browser in the lab exam. Next click the dropdown for Cisco IOS Software, and select Release 12.4. From here select Cisco IOS Release 12.4 Master Indexes, and then Cisco IOS Master Commands List, Release 12.4. This page lists all currently documented commands for 12.4 mainline IOS.

Now let’s suppose that we’re looking for documentation on Network Address Translation. We know at a minimum that the commands for NAT will include the keyword “nat”. Based on this hit the key combination CTRL-F for find, or go to the Edit menu of your web browser and select find. In the find dialogue enter “nat”. After multiple searches we will see the keywords “ip nat IAD-144”. Click this link and it brings us to “IP Addressing Services Commands: ip moble arp through ip unnumbered”. From this document we can see the commands necessary for implementing NAT. Additionally based on the title of this document, “IP Addressing Services Commands: ip moble arp through ip unnumbered”, we can infer where NAT is located in the configuration guide.

To find the configuration guide for NAT go back to the main start page of Click the dropdown for Cisco IOS Software, and select Release 12.4. From here select Cisco IOS IP Addressing Services Configuration Guide, Release 12.4. From this page we can see there is a direct link to the NAT documentation.

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