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With the growing popularity of our CCIE Service Provider Version 3.0 Rack Rentals, which include IOS XR, our support staff has been receiving an increasing number of trouble tickets where users are reporting physical connectivity problems of the IOS XR routers to their attached Ethernet switches.  In 99% of these cases the problem doesn’t stem from physical layer 1 issues, but instead from a misunderstanding of how IOS XR link negotiation works, since it is different than most other platforms.  While the fix for this problem is very simple, it’s one of those issues that can be incredibly frustrating for candidates learning IOS XR for the first time, since it’s really demotivating to not even be able to ping your directly connected layer 2 neighbor! :)  First, let’s examine the problem.

XR1 is connected to SW1 via GigabitEthernet as follows:

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