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Note:  Full working solution is located at the end of the document. :)

Change was in the air, and Bob knew it.   Bob had simply been ignoring the fact that the existing IPSec site to site tunnels that he inherited at his company were old school, and there were better options, especially when plans included bringing up dozens of new sites.   Since his company was going to be purchasing MPLS services, Bob was open to learning better ways of implementing secure tunnels.    In Bob’s studies, he read a article written by Petr Lapukhov on DMVPN and was very interested.    Bob’s glee was short lived when he learned that when the spokes of DMVPN had to build tunnels to other spokes, it was not quick enought for voice traffic.   Bob learned that the latency happens when setting up the IKE phase 1 and 2 tunnels between the spokes.    Then Bob chanced upon one of INE’s blog posts regarding GET VPN, and learned that with GET (Group Encrypted Transport), there was no need to build the tunnels between spokes, and therefore less latency.   This would solve the latency issue for time sensitive traffic, and still have the benefits of encryption!  It sounded almost too good to be true.

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