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Clock_New Time is a valuable resource in the lab.   In a lab task, if asked to configure a policy-map named “BOB”, it doesn’t get the same point value if we happen to accidentally name it “bob”, especially  if they are looking to see if you configured what they asked for.

The challenge is, that when reviewing a lab task, and we discover that we need to change a name, it could be a hassle, as we need to remove the policy-map, recreate the policy map, and then put it in place again.

So if you are down to the last minute, here is a time saving solution, that can assist with that process.

IOS allows us to rename a policy-map, and the IOS will swap out the name in other areas of the configuration that reference that policy map. Continue Reading

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The author and poet Maya Angelou said “Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning.”. Well that is certainly what we have attempted to do with the CCIE Voice Deep Dive self-paced Class on Demand series – that is to bring the human instructional voice element to infuse deeper meaning to what is already fantastic Cisco Documentation. Anyone that has set out and determined to undertake the task of studying for and ultimately passing any CCIE Lab exam, knows that at some point during your studies, the words on paper (Cisco Docs, RFCs, books) – while a absolute phenomenal source of information – can at times seem to loose their impact. Perhaps you have been studying too long, read one too many docs, have the time pressure of your family and friends waiting for you to return to be a part of their life, or perhaps you are just starting out on your adventure and don’t know where to begin. Whatever stage you are at or whatever the case may be, it is certainly helpful to have a tutor and mentor there beside you at times, assisting you in understanding what each complex technology’s documentation is trying to teach you, in possibly a deeper and more insightful way than you can manage on your own.

Wait no longer for such help to arrive! INE is happy to announce that each Live-Online Deep Dive course that we have taught has been recorded, and you have the ability to access these extensive repositories of knowledge at any time.

Here are a couple of great demo’s of just a portion of the latest Deep Dive session we held on Globalization & Localization in order to whet your appetite:

Demo 1: Globalization Prezi – Theory and Reasons

Demo 2: Inbound Calling Party Localization

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Thank you to all those who have submitted questions and comments to our blog.  We will be taking time each week to post answers to your questions and to post some of these comments.  If you have a question for one of our CCIE Instructors please email them to

Question #1

Can anyone please advise what is the recommended laptop hardware configuration for CCIE R&S Lab prep. I have read many blogs, posts and advices but unable to figure out the appropriate answer. While advising,please consider the GNS3 is the only option I have.
Many thanks in advance,
Asif Irfan

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In a word, “Way to GO” (without the spaces, that would be one word :) ). I am impressed at all the feedback and ideas we received regarding the IKE phase 1 riddle we posed last week. You can read the original post here. Ideas were creative and varied.

As one of our INE Instructors say, “If there are 2 different ways to configure something, as a CCIE candidate, you had better be prepared to know all 3 “.  If you would like to see “a solution”, read on. Continue Reading

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Hello everyone,

We are excited to announce that our CCIE Voice Core Knowledge Simulator has been released! You can try out a sample here. So far, the first 100 questions have been released, and will be followed shortly by additional updates.

The simulation is designed to help prepare candidates for the newly added “open ended” section of the 3.0 Voice CCIE Lab Exam. This new section of the exam consists of four computer based, short-answer questions which candidates have 30 minutes to complete.

The simulator is designed to:

* Pinpoint your areas of weakness on Core Knowledge
* Provide study documents to improve in these weak areas
* Practice with question interpretation and your short-answer responses

Enjoy the questions, and as always, good luck with your studies!

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The new Core Knowledge Simulator Testing Engine is coming along nicely thanks to our partner, Graded Labs. We are behind schedule, however. We are attempting to incorporate all of the desired features and more. I will be blogging about a new expected date of release for that custom engine soon.

In the meantime, I have added a node to the R&S and Security simulators called More Questions. Our instructors will be working daily to add new and improved Core Knowledge questions to these simulators often.

Of course, new questions are also being added to the latest Service Provider Core Knowledge Simulation.

Many of you have been asking about a Voice Core Knowledge Simulation product and we will be sure to announce a date of release soon.

Enjoy the new questions everyone, and remember the goals of these products:

  • Pinpoint your areas of weakness on Core Knowledge
  • Provide study documents to improve in these weak areas
  • Practice with question interpretation and your short-answer responses

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Yes – our partner Graded Labs is still working on a new engine for all of our Core Knowledge Simulation products. The new expected release date is somewhere around Jan 15, 2010. In the meantime, here are four more for you to enjoy. Answer these questions in the comments. On Thursday, December 24th, 2009, we will randomly draw from the pool of students that had the answers correct. One lucky winner will receive the new CCIE Routing and Switching Certification Guide, Fourth Edition.

ShowCover.asp Continue Reading

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Beginning January 4, 2010, Cisco is featuring a Core Knowledge section for all active CCIE labs. To assist in your assessment of your own Tier 1 knowledge of the Service Provider Lab Exam Blueprint topics, INE has released its Service Provider Core Knowledge Simulation.

As of this post, the simulation features 90 questions spanning all major blueprint topics. Over the next week, the product will be updated daily to feature over 200 questions, and will cover EVERY major and minor blueprint topic.

In January, this product will be re-released in a new and improved, custom question engine created by our partner, Graded Labs. This new engine will allow you to create custom exams based on select topics.

Enjoy the new training aid!

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Using an IPS Sensor, we can dynamically apply rate limiting/policing on a router interface, based on a signature match or an event action over-ride, which is generated on the sensor appliance.   Ok, I know there is no Sensor Appliance in the RS lab, but what if we need to trigger a rate limit of specific traffic, destined to a router, based on current conditions on that router, such as transmit or receive loads on an interface.

This is a job for, da dada dahhh: Embedded Event Manager (EEM).  In this example we will create a service policy which we will apply to the control plane based on a interface threshold being exceeded.  Full labs on Embedded Event Manager can be found in our RS v5 Vol1 workbook in  “System Management“.  Let’s break down the individual steps, first for the control plane policing policy, and then the EEM to apply it. Continue Reading

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Cheers from London! I learned this week that a “Christmas Cracker” is not a food item, OR a person.  ;-)     There is so much to know.  I am grateful for students willing to show me the ropes here in the UK.   Thank you all.    Now on to the topic at hand.

MPLS is an important part of the RS Bootcamp, including troubleshooting MPLS.

Here is an MPLS troubleshooting scenario, that has 1 (one,одну,un,uno) configuration issue.  Can you spot it?  Lets get to it!  Here is the diagram.


Problem: Clients on the network are not able to ping the server, or any other devices, on the network. Your challenge, based on the provided IOS show commands only, is to identify the 1 configuration problem that is causing the network failure.

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