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Inter-AS Multicast VPN solution introduces some challenges in cases where peering systems implement BGP-free core. This post illustrates a known solution to this problem, implemented in Cisco IOS software. The solution involves the use of special MP-BGP and PIM extensions. The reader is assumed to have understanding of basic Cisco’s mVPN implementation, PIM-protocol and Multi-Protocol BGP extensions.

Abbreviations used

mVPN – Multicast VPN
MSDP – Multicast Source Discovery Protocol
PE – Provider Edge
CE – Customer Edge
RPF – Reverse Path Forwarding
MP-BGP – Multi-Protocol BGP
PIM – Protocol Independent Multicast
PIM SM – PIM Sparse Mode
PIM SSM – PIM Source Specific Multicast
LDP – Label Distribution Protocol
MDT – Multicast Distribution Tree
P-PIM – Provider Facing PIM Instance
C-PIM – Customer Facing PIM Instance
NLRI – Network Layer Rechability Information

Inter-AS mVPN Overview

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