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In this post we are going to discuss operations of the “traceroute” and “ping” command in MPLS environment. The reader is supposed to have solid understanding of MPLS VPN technologies, prior to read this document. Note the use of terms “MPLS ping/traceroute” which are interchangeable with “LSP ping/traceroute”

The following is the testbed topology we are going to use for simulations. All PE/P routers are 7206s running IOS version 12.0(33)S. Unfortunately, MPLS ping and traceroute commands are just a recent addition to IOS code, and thus you only see them in later 12.4T versions and recent 12.0S images. The IOS versions currently used in the CCIE SP lab do not support the MPLS ping/trace features.

Classic Ping and Traceroute

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