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PLEASE NOTE: This is a partial list of potential configuration options for various hypothetical sections of the lab exam. Do not allow this list to constrain your own creative thinking when it is time to solve actual lab tasks! Please suggest additions using the comments feature.

Load Balancing with STP
Option 1 – STP cost – use on the downstream device
Option 2 – Port Priority – use on the upstream device

Advertising Masks for Loopbacks in OSPF
Option 1 – OSPF network command
Option 2 – Redistribute connected – Watch for Later Redistribution Issues
Option 3 – Area Range command

Troubleshooting Neighbor Relationships in OSPF over NBMA
Option 1 – OSPF network command
Option 2 – Hello timer manipulation

Connecting Area 0s in OSPF
Option 1 – Virtual link
Option 2 – GRE Tunnel – often needed when area between is a stub area
Option 3 – Redistr between different OSPF processes on the same router

Sending Unicast Updates in OSPF
Option 1 – neighbor command and change network type/hello interval

Load Balance in OSPF – change to equal cost
Option 1 – use the bandwidth command
Option 2 – ip ospf cost command

Introducing a Network into OSFP without Updating Neighbor’s LSDB
Option 1 – no-advertise
Option 2 – area filter-list

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