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Try assessing your understanding of Cisco’s CBWFQ by looking at the following example:

class-map match-all HTTP_R6
 match access-group name HTTP_R6
policy-map CBWFQ
 class HTTP_R6
  bandwidth remaining percent 5
interface Serial 0/1
  bandwidth 128
  clock rate 128000
  service-policy output CBWFQ

and answering a question on the imaginable scenario: Two TCP flows (think of them as HTTP file transfers) are going across Serial 0/1 interface. One of the flows matches the class HTTP_R6, and another flow, marked with IP Precedence of 7 (pretty high), does not match any class. The traffic flow overwhelms the interface, so the system engages CBWFQ. Now the question is: how CBWFQ will share the interface bandwidth among the flows.

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