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Many people studying for CCIE are looking for a solution to better memorize and retain the new information. The biggest enemy of good memory is the fact that speed of forgetting is directly proportional to the amount of information learned. One can actually start off this and write a simple ordinary differential equation that models the forgetting process:

dY(t)/dt = V – aY(t)

where Y(t) is the amount of information memorized at moment t and V is the speed of the new information being memorized. The component -aY(t) demonstrates the forgetting effect described above (speed of the forgetting is directly proportional to the amount of information learned). Integrating the equation we easily obtain:

Y(t) = V/a+const*exp(-at)

What it basically says, is that the amount of information that we memorize is proportional to the speed of learning! The exponentially decaying component does not play any major role as the time passes, and thus your know as much as you learn. As soon as you stop learning new information (or repeating the old info), your knowledge volume will decay with the speed of exponent. Not the best news in our already uneasy world!

This model, however is too simple to be valid. However, it demonstrates one important fact – unless you actively learn, you forget. The solution for the equation exhibits the well-know Ebbinghaus curve effect (Forgetting Curve), which has been known for over than century. Two methods can help you overcome the forgetting effect, and they are active learning and spaced repetitions. Let’s start with…

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