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Hi Guys, i just wanted to inform you that after a lot of studying , dedication and lot of practice , i have passed my R&S CCIE two days ago , it was my 1st attempt and i feel like i owe a big deal of this success to INE wonderful products , it started about one and half year ago when i took my decission to go for my number, i could remember seeing that time the CCIE numbers rolling on your site and was wondering when the day would come for me to join this list, when i started i almost read every book in INE recommended lists , and sometimes i had to go through the RFCs for guidance ,i used both advanced technologies COD and troubleshooting bootcamp COD , i did lab INE Workbook I , II ,III and IV and the V4 Moc labs which i didnt actually pass any but was so close to , and i have to say that these labs was like a bell ringing for me to take care of my common mistakes and which made me alerted when i was doing th real thing. Finally i cant express how wonderful it is to have your number after all this , iam really HAPPY.

Ahmed Sameh Ashour, CCIE#27395

Congratulations Ahmed! Share in Ahmed’s success with $430 off this special workbook bundle containing…

The retail price of this bundle is $1,279 you can get it today through Sunday for only $849. Use discount code: 27395 durning checkout!  These workbooks are ideal for passing the CCIE Lab Exam.

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Thank you to all those who have submitted questions and comments to our blog and our CCIE Instructors. If you have a question, please email them to

Question 1:

Can anyone explain what is VPN intercept?

Bhavik Joshi

VPN Intercept can mean a few different things, depending on the specific context.

One interpretation is from a driver perspective, where a VPN connection breaks the binding between TCP/IP and the physical interface, acting as a shim.  See also:

Another meaning can be in regards to intercepting SSL traffic.

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Thank you to all those who have submitted questions and comments to our blog and our CCIE Instructors. If you have a question, please email them to

Question 1:

Is it possible to recommend the Cisco press books to read when preparing for the Cisco SP Written exam.
Kind Rages

For the written exam, you should make sure you have reviewed the items in the online resources General, Metro Ethernet, and Service Provider sections for the Written Exam Blueprint preparation material.

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Brian McGahan and myself will be running our first Advanced Troubleshooting Bootcamp the week of Oct 12th and a second run the week of Nov 9th.  The CoD will be released the week after the first bootcamp (Monday Oct 19th).   Information about the new Advanced Troubleshooting Bootcamp can be found here:

The price of the CCIE 2.0 program will increase to reflect the additions of the new Volume 4 workbook and now this new Advanced Troubleshooting Bootcamp (from $2995 to $3595).  For existing 2.0 customers you can upgrade using the links below:

CCIE 2.0 Upgrade Bundle (VOLIV + T/S COD): $595
Current CCIE 2.0 customers can upgrade to newest CCIE 2.0 Program, which includes CCIE R&S Volume IV Lab Workbook and CCIE R&S Advanced Troubleshooting Bootcamp CoD.

CCIE 2.0 Upgrade (T/S COD): $495
Current CCIE 2.0 customers who have already purchased Volume IV can get $100 off the price and upgrade to the CCIE R&S Advanced Troubleshooting Bootcamp CoD.

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