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People constantly have troubles understanding the Gatekeeper-based call routing model. In this post, we are going to discuss the basic call-routing logic. Reader is assumed to understand the most fundamental gatekeeper configuration commands.

Basic Concepts

The first concept is the gatekeeper technology-prefix, which is the core of the gatekeeper dynamic call-routing process. Look at the tech-prefix as a special label used to group together a set of VoIP gateways. The gateways may register their technology prefixes with the gatekeeper dynamically, or you can map the prefixes to the VoIP gateways statically. The gatekeeper looks at the gateways registered under the same tech-prefix to be members of a single “gateway pool”. Now, recall that tech-prefix is just a part of the dialed number. Whether the called number prefix is actually a technology prefix, is decided by the gatekeeper, when it matches the dialed number against the database of the local registered/configured prefixes. There is nothing in the dialed number itself, that designates the part of the dialer string as a technology prefix.
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