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I would like to thank all of our blog readers that are constantly asking me for more Top Ten lists. I hope you enjoy the latest installment and have a safe, happy, and prosperous 2009.

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10. Attempt to download pornography.
9. E-mail Brian Dennis from your iPhone.
8. Urinate in your chair. (Errr, according to the proctors – THIS HAPPENED!)
7. At the lunch break, speak of your recent successful investment in Nortel.
6. Doodle on your lab papers.
5. Two words – format c:
4. Feint. (Yeah, this happened too!)
3. Play paper football with the candidate in the next cube.
2. Begin a proctor question with “I hate to bother you, you evil bastard, but…”
And the Number 1 Thing Not to Do While Taking the CCIE Lab Exam:
1. After verifying a successful 4-point configuration task, stand on your chair and scream “I am a Cisco Router God!”

Note: Thanks to a recent high school grad, Andrew, on a Southwest flight for helping with this list. I am sure you will have great success in whatever you decide to pursue!

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Number 10 – Five words – “Shot of tequila, beer back.”

Number 9 – Change your Native American Indian name to Thinks Like Router.

Number 8 – Start studying for your recertification – NOT!

Number 7 – Use the Request Reread link on your Certification Status
page and enter the following in the Comments section “Reread THIS you
evil bastards!”

Number 6 – Tell any CCIE candidate you do not care for that there were 18
points of DLSw+ on your final lab attempt.

Number 5 – Pay off your credit card.

Number 4 – Phone family and friends to tell them that you are actually
still alive.

Number 3 – Request that your coworkers address you as First_Name,
Last_Name, Expert.

Number 2 – Get an InternetworkExpert tattoo, interesting body locations include…errrr…never mind!

And the Number One Thing To Do After Passing the Lab:


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Number 10 – Visitor parking at Cisco features a spot with your name on it.

Number 9 – Visa calls you to inquire if someone at Cisco may have stolen
your Credit Card.

Number 8 – You have earned 65,000 flight miles in the last year.

Number 7 – Your wife asks “Who the hell are you?” when you return home
from your latest attempt.

Number 6 – You can now type 90 words per minute.

Number 5 – Your boss indicates that he has a task for you and you respond
“How many points is it worth?”

Number 4 – You have recurring nightmares about redistribution.

Number 3 – Your new nickname on the InternetworkExpert forum is “That poor bastard!”

Number 2 – During sex, all you can think about is full IGP reachability.

and the Number 1 Indication You Have Sat the Lab Too Many Times:

The proctor hands you your badge and says “You are on Rack 5 – AGAIN!”

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