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I just finished up 2 weeks of a really great CCNP Voice bootcamp, covering all 5 of the latest 8.0 version exams from Cisco (CVOICE, CIPT1, CIPT2, CAPPS, & TVOICE). All in all we ended up with 62 completely brand-new hours of informative video that we are sure you will be excited to watch when they are posted to our streaming and download sites here in probably just about a week. We went fairly in-depth on most every topic, one of them being MGCP during our TVOICE section of class.

BTW, with this new 62 hours of CCNP Voice video, this brings INE to 320 hours of total CCNA-to-CCIE Voice video-on-demand training. Far, far more than any other vendor. And it is all up-to-date and taught by me, not by subcontracted instructors.

You may recall that in my last post related to MGCP Troubleshooting, we took a basic look at the MGCP commands that a Call-Agent (server) instructs a Gateway (client) to preform – something the RFC refers to as “verbs”.

In this post, we are going to take a look at the output of the “debug mgcp packets” command for a single call, and then break down each section of the output into “transactions” (i.e. Command and Response).

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