Number 10 - Visitor parking at Cisco features a spot with your name on it.

Number 9 - Visa calls you to inquire if someone at Cisco may have stolen
your Credit Card.

Number 8 - You have earned 65,000 flight miles in the last year.

Number 7 - Your wife asks "Who the hell are you?" when you return home
from your latest attempt.

Number 6 - You can now type 90 words per minute.

Number 5 - Your boss indicates that he has a task for you and you respond
"How many points is it worth?"

Number 4 - You have recurring nightmares about redistribution.

Number 3 - Your new nickname on the InternetworkExpert forum is "That poor bastard!"

Number 2 - During sex, all you can think about is full IGP reachability.

and the Number 1 Indication You Have Sat the Lab Too Many Times:

The proctor hands you your badge and says "You are on Rack 5 - AGAIN!"

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