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I cleared the Written on Saturday, Oct. 11, 2008 and I thought I would give you a quick review of this exam.
Several of my peers have indicated they thought this exam was actually too easy, and I must admit that I would have to agree with them. I know this is all very relative, but the minimum passing score is so low, and so many of the questions very easy and obvious, it was strangely simple to pass. Here are the details:

  • Number of questions: 105
  • Time allowed: 2 hrs
  • Minimum passing score: 57 (Yes - 57!)
  • Multiple choice, drag and drop - No Simulations

By far, the best way to prep for this exam is to study the CCSP curriculum. Just be sure you are studying older versions of the courses. For example, this exam focused on versions 5 and 6 of the PIX/ASA software. The new SNAF course would not be appropriate study materials as it covers version 8.x of the software now I believe.

Taking a look at the blueprint, it is very accurate as far as topic coverage. For example, they give RFC2827 as an RFC example you need to know, and sure enough, you need to know it! ☺ Keep in mind that most of these topics are fully covered in the CCSP curriculum. For the others, I simply used free resources on the Internet, such as wikipedia and RFC sites, to find study materials.

While the blueprint is very accurate, I did find the exam lacking in two areas that the blueprint did have me study - IPV6 Security and Wireless Security. These are two categories in the Cisco Security General section.

Keep in mind that you can go back and re-visit previous questions in this exam. This is important since you will find that some questions actually help answer previous ones.

You also have a review period at the end where you can revisit all the questions, or revisit those you have marked for review.

I found the toughest questions dealt with NAC. This was purely the result of the fact that many of us are not studying NAC yet as it has yet to really show up in the Lab blueprint. It is sure to soon, however.

Best of luck on this exam for those of you yet to clear it. I sure hope this post helped you. I would love to create some training materials for mastery of this exam...let me know if you would be interested. . .

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