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Access list tasks are a common CCIE Lab Exam feature, and I wanted to take a moment to show how easy it can be for a candidate to miss one thing or many things in such a task.

Here is the task topology and the task itself. Following that we have the proposed solution by a Mock Student :-)

Can you find the errors in his or her ways?

The Topology

The Task


Traffic Filtering

8.1 Configure a security filter on R3 that will accomplish the following for traffic entering the router from the direction of R2:

  • Allow Telnet from R2 (S0/1) to R1 (Lo1)
  • Allow BGP traffic through the router
  • Allow ICMP ping traffic between R1 (Lo1) and R2 (Lo1)
  • Block any traffic sourced from RFC 1918 addresses – log these violations and include Layer 2 address information

4 points

The Proposed Solution

access-list 100 permit tcp host eq telnet host eq telnet
access-list 100 permit tcp any any eq bgp
access-list 100 permit icmp host host
access-list 100 permit icmp host host
access-list 100 deny ip any log
access-list 100 deny ip any log
access-list 100 deny ip any log
interface Serial1/2
ip access-group 100 in

NOTE: I have posted a solution to this blog in the comments. The solution post date is November 20th, 2008.

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