What is a fun and effective study approach for many CCIE Lab Exam topics? Well try this out...

Step 1 - Find an Expanded Blueprint you can trust - hey, you can trust our blog!

Step 2 - Select a topic from that blueprint that you think you can fully explore within the timeframe you have set aside for studies. Perhaps you decide that you have 2 hours maximum for this particular study session. For this example, we will pick the RIP Version 2 Timers.

Step 3 - Begin on Google and do some Cisco independent research; what do the RFCs say about these timers? What does Wikipedia say? Are there some good Wiki links?

Step 4 - Move to the DOC-CD and read thoroughly the Configuration Guide section and the Command Reference areas for the feature.

Step 5 - Jot down any questions you have now about the feature. You are heading to the Command Line next using Dynamips, your pod, a friend's pod, or our rental racks to test and investigate the feature further. Chances are, you will be able to answer your own questions in the Hands On phase of study.

Step 6 - Lab it up - for the RIP Version 2 Timers, you just need two routers and a healthy dose of the Debug IP Rip, Show IP Route Rip, and the Show IP Protocol commands!

Step 7 - If you have any questions left regarding the feature, head back to Google and search using a syntax like this - "timers basic"; searching like this in Google limits your search to your favorite forum. Sure our IEOC.COM is still young, but do not forget to check it ☺

Step 8 - If you have any questions left on the feature, be sure to post on our forum - we will be waiting for you!

Step 9 - Scratch that topic of your Expanded Blueprint. Congratulations, you are one step closer to your number! You should not need to revisit that feature for study, and if it rears its head in the lab, certainly a quick lookup in the DOC-CD should jog those memory banks.

Happy Studying All, and To All a Goodnight.

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