I would like to thank all of our blog readers that are constantly asking me for more Top Ten lists. I hope you enjoy the latest installment and have a safe, happy, and prosperous 2009.

Here are the Top Ten CCIE Student New Year's Resolutions

10. Make the absolute most of study sessions

9. No more learning by practice labbing

8. No more pinging myself

7. No more entering in commands without full knowledge of them

6. No more falling asleep during a TCL Script reachability test

5. Become an active participant in IEOC.COM - asking more questions - no matter how basic and helping others

4. No more chain smoking during a TCL Script reachability test

3. No more nightmares about redistribution, Multicast, or QoS

2. Remembering to always laugh at my jokes during a Bootcamp

And the Number One CCIE Student New Year's Resolution:

1. No more complaining about the new DOC-CD Web interface

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