Yes, there are simulations in the CCENT exam. In fact, there are lots of new interesting question types in addition to multiple-choice that you will face in the CCENT exam.

The first thing you want to do is get a general familiarity with these unique question types long before you ever sit at the exam. Why? Because the last thing in the world you want to do while in the exam is waste any time fumbling with the question interface in any way. With this exam, time is not on your side! You need to know your stuff inside and out and be moving very quickly.

We are releasing our CCENT training in February of 2009. We will offer hands on training to get you ready for the simulations, and we will over-prepare you. But please note, we will not be using the simulation interface you will encounter in the exam.

Take some time now and visit the link below to become familiar with the type of exam questions you will see on your big day!

I will post a second part to this blog soon and discuss some important tips on these various question types:


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