The BGP section for Internetwork Expert's CCIE R&S Lab Workbook Volume 1 Version 5 is underway. The preliminary topics covered are as followed, but will be expanded before the final revision is released.  Expect updates to be posted on this section bi-weekly until completion.

    • Establishing iBGP Peerings
    • Establishing EBGP Peerings
    • BGP Update Source Modification
    • Multihop EBGP Peerings
    • Neighbor Disable-Connected-Check
    • Authenticating BGP Peerings
    • iBGP Route Reflection
    • Large Scale iBGP Route Reflection with Clusters

  • iBGP Confederation
  • BGP Next-Hop Processing - Next-Hop-Self
  • BGP Next-Hop Processing - Manual Modification
  • iBGP Synchronization
  • BGP over GRE
  • BGP Peer Groups
  • BGP Network Statement
  • BGP Auto-Summary
  • BGP Internal Redistribution
  • BGP Bestpath Selection - Weight
  • BGP Bestpath Selection - Local Preference
  • BGP Bestpath Selection - AS-Path Prepending
  • BGP Bestpath Selection - MED
  • BGP Bestpath Selection - Always Compare MED
  • BGP Bestpath Selection - Deterministic MED
  • BGP Bestpath Selection - Origin
  • BGP Bestpath Selection - AS-Path Ignore
  • BGP Bestpath Selection - Router-IDs
  • BGP Bestpath Selection - Cost Community
  • BGP Bestpath Selection - DMZ Link Bandwidth
  • BGP Bestpath Selection - Maximum AS Limit
  • BGP Bestpath Selection - RIB Failure
  • BGP Aggregation
  • BGP Aggregation - Summary Only
  • BGP Aggregation - Suppress Map
  • BGP Aggregation - Unsuppress Map
  • BGP Aggregation - AS-Set
  • BGP Aggregation - Advertise Map
  • BGP Communities
  • BGP Communities - No-Advertise
  • BGP Communities - No-Export
  • BGP Communities - Local-AS
  • BGP Communities - Deleting
  • BGP Conditional Advertisement
  • BGP Conditional Route Injection
  • BGP Filtering with Prefix-Lists
  • BGP Filtering with Standard Access-Lists
  • BGP Filtering with Extended Access-Lists
  • BGP Regular Expressions
  • BGP Filtering with Maximum Prefix
  • BGP Default Routing
  • BGP Local AS
  • BGP Local AS No Prepend
  • BGP Backdoor Routing
  • BGP Remove Private AS
  • BGP Dampening
  • BGP Dampening with Route-Maps
  • BGP Timers Tuning (Scan/Advertise Interval, Keepalives)
  • BGP Convergence Timers
  • BGP Fast External Fallover
  • BGP Neighbor Fallover
  • BGP Maximum Prefix
  • BGP Outbound Route Filtering
  • BGP Allow AS In
  • BGP AS Override
  • BGP Policy Accounting & Propagation
  • BGP Match Source Protocol
  • BGP Soft Reconfiguration
  • BGP TTL Security
  • BGP Traffic Index
  • BGP Remotely Triggered Blackhole
  • BGP QoS Policy Propagation
  • BGP Next-Hop Trigger
Brian McGahan, CCIE #8593, CCDE #2013::13
About Brian McGahan, CCIE #8593, CCDE #2013::13

At the age of 20, Brian McGahan earned his first CCIE in Routing & Switching, and became known as the “youngest engineer in the world.” He continued on to earn CCIE certifications in Security, Service Provider, and Data Center. Brian has developed and taught for INE since 2002, setting the bar for CCIE training and helping thousands of engineers obtain their own certifications--we’re proud to have such an accomplished and driven instructor on the INE team. When he is not developing new products for INE, he consults with large ISPs and enterprise customers. You may contact Brian McGahan at bmcgahan@ine.com or find him helping others in INE’s IEOC Community Forum.

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