How do you use our new CCENT materials in order to ace your exam? Here is my recommended study approach…

Step 1: Read the CCENT – General articles at our blog site, blog.internetworkexpert.com. These articles include important information about the exam you are going to face.

Step 2: Enjoy the Class On Demand modules of CCENT. If you struggle with the review questions of a section, be sure to watch the Class On Demand lessons as many times as you need to in order to ensure retention of the materials.

Step 3: After each module is finished, return to blog.internetworkexpert.com and read any articles that are relevant to the section you just finished. For example, after finishing Module 1: The Operation of Data Networks, read all of the blog articles in CCENT - Operation of Networks.

Step 4: As you watch the Class On Demand modules and read the blog, record any questions at all you might have. Visit ieoc.com and post your questions for our online community.

Step 5: Once finished with all modules of the course, it is time to work through the Hands On Labs. Again, be sure to ask any questions you might have at ieoc.com.

Step 6: After finishing the Hands On Labs, move to the Practice Exams. You should take the Practice Exams as many times as it takes to pass them. You may need to revisit sections of the Class On Demand if you find you have weaknesses in certain areas. Questions? You know where to go – it is the ieoc.com!

Step 7: Schedule the exam and pass it!

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