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We know that many of our CCIE Security customers are waiting for the updates of IEWB-SC VOL1 (technology labs) and VOL2 (full-scale labs). Like we mentioned before, the first update (about 50 ASA Firewall focused labs) is coming on the last week of March. Just to warm up your appetite, here is a small excerpt of the updated workbook (the final edition of VOL1 might look slightly different, but the teaser would give you a general idea of the workbook style):

IEWB-SC VOL1: ASA Firewall Teaser

In addition to covering the new blueprint topics, updated VOL1 will include all relevant labs from the previous release rewritten to match our new standards. Of course, per our Investment Protection program, all owners of the current VOL1 version will get the updates absolutely free of charge. For more information on IEWB-SC products and updates, please refer to the following links:

IEWB-SC VOL1 (Technology Labs)
IEWB-SC VOL2 (Full Scale Labs)
Migrating to CCIE Security v3.0 Blueprint

Oh, just in case if you’re wondering about IEWB-SC VOL2 updates, we plan to start releasing them on 2nd week of April!

Petr Lapukhov, 4xCCIE/CCDE
About Petr Lapukhov, 4xCCIE/CCDE

Petr Lapukhov has more than 12 years of experience working with Cisco Systems products. Not only is he the only person in the world to have earned four CCIEs (Routing & Switching, Security, Service Provider, and Voice) in just two years, he also passed every exam the first time. He shares his knowledge and experience with INE’s students through our various products and programs. Petr works with all of the technologies covered within his four CCIE tracks on a daily basis, staying current with any changes in the industry. He has also received his Cisco Certified Design Expert (CCDE) certification, joining a small group of distinguished individuals who have achieved this status. Petr is a contributor to INE’s blog and our INE IEOC Community Forum. You may contact Petr Lapukhov at

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