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We've just posted a number of new SC and RS VOL1 labs updates (VPN and BGP sections respectively). It's obviously taking some time to update the existing IEWB-SC VOL1 labs, as we're adding a lot of new topics and breakdown material. Therefore, we're changing the update model by focusing primarily on the new topics, as an addition to the existing v3.0 labs. After the "host" stuff has been all covered, we'll continue updating the existing material. As for the new labs posted under the IEWB-SC VPN section, here is the list:

IOS ezVPN Server
IOS ezVPN Server using VTI
IOS ezVPN Server: Group Lock
IOS ezVPN Server: RADIUS Authorization
IOS ezVPN Server: Per User AAA download with PKI
IOS ezVPN Remote: Client Mode
IOS ezVPN Remote: NEM
IOS ezVPN Remote: VTI
IOS ezVPN Remote: Digital Signatures
ASA ezVPN Server
ASA ezVPN Server: DHCP Address Allocation
ASA ezVPN Server: RADIUS Authorization
ASA ezVPN Server: Per User AAA download with PKI
ASA Clientless SSL VPN
ASA Clientless SSL VPN: Port Forwarding
ASA Clientless SSL VPN: Smart Tunnel

The next "scattered" update will probably focus on the (imho overrated ;) GET VPN, ZFW, DAP, Virtual Sensors, IPs Anomaly Detection and some other "hot" topics. Also, VOL2 Lab3 is coming soon as well. Happy studying!

Petr Lapukhov, 4xCCIE/CCDE
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