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First of all, I hope no one besides me is working on that great holiday ;) But anyways, if some of you do, I hope you find this information helpful and inspiring. First of all, a bunch of CCIE Security updates. For IEWB-SC VOL1 we added the following new topics:

Hotfix Section:

BGP Generic TTL Security Mechanism
BGP Prefix Limit
Selective Packet Discard
Terminal Lines Security
TCP Keepalives
SNMPv2 Server
SNMPv2c Access Control
SNMP Traps and Informs
CPU and Memory Thresholds
RMON Alarms
Role Based Access Control
IP Source Tracker
ICMP Rate-Limiting
Application-Based Filtering with NBAR
VLAN Filtering for IP Traffic
VLAN Filters for Non-IP Traffic
DHCP Snooping
Dynamic ARP Inspection
IP Source Guard
Netflow Ingress & Egress
Netflow Top Talkers
Rate-Limiting with CAR
MQC Single-Rate Policer


IOS SSL VPN RADIUS Authorization
IOS WebVPN (Clientless SSL VPN)
IOS WebVPN Port Forwarding

Plus, in addition to this, the online CCIE Security Advanced Technology Class-on-Demond (IEATC-SC) have been updated with new topics and posted to http://ieclass.ine.com. Those who attended this class online should see it in your accounts. Other people, who have purchased the previous version of the class, will see it in their accounts on Monday, as it takes some time to update and synchronize all information. More CoD recording coming this month, and I promise to personally make sure they get to you promptly ;)

As for you guys waiting for R&S news, we're preparing to deliver the new troubleshooting-focused product next week and get you the first few scenarios as soon as possible. All scenarios are based around structured troubleshooting approach, preparing you for the new «Troubleshooting» section of the updated CCIE R&S exam.

That's all, happy holiday everyone!

Petr Lapukhov, 4xCCIE/CCDE
About Petr Lapukhov, 4xCCIE/CCDE

Petr Lapukhov has more than 12 years of experience working with Cisco Systems products. Not only is he the only person in the world to have earned four CCIEs (Routing & Switching, Security, Service Provider, and Voice) in just two years, he also passed every exam the first time. He shares his knowledge and experience with INE’s students through our various products and programs. Petr works with all of the technologies covered within his four CCIE tracks on a daily basis, staying current with any changes in the industry. He has also received his Cisco Certified Design Expert (CCDE) certification, joining a small group of distinguished individuals who have achieved this status. Petr is a contributor to INE’s blog and our INE IEOC Community Forum. You may contact Petr Lapukhov at petr@ine.com.

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