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I would like to apologize for not posting enough technical blog posts recently; apparently development is taking too much spare time from me. Before I finally make a new technical-focused post, I thought of summarizing the stuff that I have written so far, and making a small catalogue of my blog posts. The catalogue covers the most interesting (IMO) posts that are probably worth reading and is broken down in categories. I hope you will find it useful.


Undestanding Custom Queueing
Catalyst 3550 QoS Explained
Quick Notes on 3560 Egress Queueing
Bridging the gap between 3550 and 3560 QoS: Part 1
Bridging the gap between 3550 and 3560 QoS: Part 2
Traffic Classification Options in 3550/3560 switches
PPP Multilink Interleaving over Frame-Relay
Comparing Traffic Policing Features in 3550 and 3560 series swtiches
Understanding Shape Peak Command
Insights on CBWFQ


Understanding Private VLANs
Handling Fragmented Traffic
Undestanding External ezVPN Authorization
Understanding how ASA firewall matches tunnel-group names
Understanding IOS Local AAA
IPSec High Availability with HSRP
Combining ezVPN with VRF Lite
DMVPN Technology Explained
DMVPN Phase 3
Understanding ASA MPF


Gatekeeper Call-Routing at a Glance
Using RTP Loopback target for VoIP PSTN Call Testing
Configuring a PSTN dialplan for CCIE Voice Lab

Service Provider

Understanding MPLS Ping and Traceroute
Undestanding Cell Mode MPLS
Curious Scenario: Poor Man's VPLS
Curious Scenario: Turning Switch into Hub


MSTP Tutorial Part 2: Outside a Region
MSTP Tutorial Part 1: Inside a Region
Understanding PVST+
Understanding STP Convergence: Part 2
Understanding STP Convergence: Part 1


Understanding Redistribution: Part 1
Understanding Redistribution: Part 2
Understanding Redistribution: Part 3

Other Technologies

A Curious NAT Scenario
The Inside and Outside of NAT
Understanding IPv6 NAT-PT
GLBP Explained


Introduction to Optimized Edge Routing
New CCIE R&S v4.0 Lab Exam Format
Understanding Unequal Cost Load-Balancing
Understanding PIM BSR protocol
How to study for your CCIE
What is CCDE Certification?
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