No jokes here folks - just the Top Ten Qualities for a Successful Lab Attempt! Did I miss any? Let me know in the Comments below! I know many of you will take care of the jokes for me. :-)

10. Effective use of the proctors - for more information, see Tips for Working with the Proctors.

9. Proper diet - be sure to bring your own lunch and snacks.

8. Attention to the Core Knowledge Section - do not rush this section, and once complete, do not think about it again.

7. Use of the DOC-CD - knowing when to use it and how is critical.

6. Effective diagramming techniques - for more information, see May I Have a Diagram with that Please.

5. Positive mindset - no thoughts of failure, only thoughts of success.

4. Effective disaster management techniques - how quickly and effectively you react to a major issues is critical.

3. Precise and accurate verifications.

2. Precise and accurate troubleshooting.

And the Number 1 Quality for a Successful Lab Attempt:

1. Time management and overall lab strategy.

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