In celebration of the arrival of the CCIE R&S 4.X blueprint, here are some sample Core Knowledge questions soon to hit the new version of the Core Knowledge Simulation. Enjoy!

1.40 Implement Ethernet Technologies

Where in the router's configuration do you specify PPPoE Connection Throttling parameters?

2.80 Implement Performance Routing (PfR) and Cisco Optimized Edge Routing (OER)

What is the name given to the single router that coordinates all OER functions within an OER-managed network?

3.60 Implement EIGRP version 6 (EIGRPv6)

Examine the configuration below. There is no EIGRPv6 adjacency forming. What is the most likely problem?

ipv6 unicast-routing
interface gigabitethernet0/0
ipv6 address 2001:22::2/64
ipv6 eigrp 1
no shut
ipv6 router eigrp 1
eigrp router-id

4.20 Implement Layer 3 VPNs on PE, P, and CE routers

Examine the partial configuration shown. What is missing from this partial configuration of this BGP-MP MPLS Layer 3 VPN?

ip cef
no ip domain lookup
ip vrf VRF_CustB
rd 2:2
no ipv6 cef
mpls label protocol tdp

Answers and more information links are available in the comments section below.

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