Today we announced that we are offering a free lab attempt if you spend $4995 or more with us this month. A few people have contacted our sales team with questions regarding this offer so I'll hopefully clarify the most common questions here.

Question: Do I need to have failed the lab once before I get this free?
Answer: No. We don't require you to fail before we'll cover your lab fee.

Question: If I use a payment plan for my purchase will I still qualify?
Answer: Yes. You will still qualify if you use a payment plan but you will not get your lab fee covered until you have completed the payment plan.

Question: Can I make two purchases of $4995 and get two lab attempts covered?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Can I use the 25% off coupon code for this?
Answer: This is where is can get a little complicated. You need to make a qualifying purchase of at least $4995 without the coupon code. If you want to say buy a one week BC for $3995, CCIE 2.0 Program, and 1000 tokens the best option is to break the purchase up into two transactions. Purchase the one week BC and the 1000 tokens in one transaction to qualify for the free lab and purchase the CCIE 2.0 in another transaction using the 25% off.

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