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In response to the recent feedback from our students, we have implemented several changes to our IEWB-RS VOL1 and VOL2 workbooks. Specifically, ten out of twenty VOL2 labs have been modified to match the lab “style” used in the new CCIE R&S configuration section. The modification include the following:

  • Merging together some Layer2/IGP/BGP tasks into larger sections with higher score, e.g. 4 or 5 points. This is what Cisco seems to be doing to the sections known as “core” previously. Larger sections are harder to complete, since the chances of mistake are now higher. Beside, the "core" topics now have less points than it was previously.
  • Adding more “non-core” topics, such as IP Services, IOS Features, Security, QoS, OER, IPv6 and so on. You will see the updated labs to shift more points towards the non-core sections.

The modified VOL2 labs are all labs with odd-numbers (1,3,5...). The even numbered labs retain the “older” style (small modular tasks) to give you a variety of different approaches. You may take the labs in normal sequence (1,2,3...) or if you have limited time run through the updated labs only. I would recommend taking all the labs for better topic coverage. You may look at the free sample “new-style” lab by following this link: IEWB-RS VOL2 Sample Lab The first three updated labs will be posted today, with the remaining being gradually posted through the week (I only need to update the solutions for these).

In addition to VOL2 modification, the following VOL1 focused technology scenarios are being developed and scheduled for delivery the coming weekend:

  1. PPPoE Server
  2. PPPoE Client
  3. EEM: CLI Events
  4. EEM: Monitoring Interface Counters
  5. EEM: Syslog Events
  6. EEM: Working with SNMP
  7. EEM: Embedded Resource Manager
  8. IPv6 EIGRPv6 Setup
  9. IPv6 EIGRPv6 Summarization
  10. IPv6 PIMv6
  11. IPv6 MLD
  12. IPv6 BSR
  13. IPv6 Embedded RP
  14. IPv6 SSM
  15. QoS HQF Bandwidth
  16. QoS HQF Fair-Queue
  17. QoS HQF Random Detection
  18. QoS HQF Shaping

New updated Dynamips labs will be posted this week as well (due to this urgent change to VOL2 we had to delay Dynamips release a little bit). As for remaining VOL4 labs, they have been a bit delayed due to the VOL2 updates but still coming this month.

We’re constantly monitoring the feedback our students give us (within the scope of NDA, of course!) and optimize our products accordingly. Happy studying and thanks for choosing INE!

Petr Lapukhov, 4xCCIE/CCDE
About Petr Lapukhov, 4xCCIE/CCDE

Petr Lapukhov has more than 12 years of experience working with Cisco Systems products. Not only is he the only person in the world to have earned four CCIEs (Routing & Switching, Security, Service Provider, and Voice) in just two years, he also passed every exam the first time. He shares his knowledge and experience with INE’s students through our various products and programs. Petr works with all of the technologies covered within his four CCIE tracks on a daily basis, staying current with any changes in the industry. He has also received his Cisco Certified Design Expert (CCDE) certification, joining a small group of distinguished individuals who have achieved this status. Petr is a contributor to INE’s blog and our INE IEOC Community Forum. You may contact Petr Lapukhov at

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