INE is thrilled to announce the release of CCNA Security for Jan 2010. Pricing, and exact availablity will be announced soon. Here is the outline for this exciting new course. CCIE Routing and Switching students should note how much this course can aid with the version 4.x blueprint!

Module 1: Security Threats

Lesson 1: Attack Mitigation
Lesson 2: Mitigating Worms, Viruses, and Trojan Horse Attacks
Lesson 3: Cisco Self Defending Networks

Module 2: Securing Cisco Routers

Lesson 1: SDM Security Audit
Lesson 2: SDM One-Step Lockdown
Lesson 3: Secure Admin Access
Lesson 4: Securing Router Files

Module 3: AAA

Lesson 1: Overview of AAA
Lesson 2: TACACS+ and RADIUS
Lesson 3: Authentication
Lesson 4: Authorization
Lesson 5: Accounting

Module 4: ACLs

Lesson 1: Overview of ACLs
Lesson 2: Threat Prevention
Lesson 3: ACL Caveats

Module 5: Securing Network Management

Lesson 1: SSH
Lesson 2: Syslogging

Module 6: Securing Layer 2

Lesson 1: Overview of Layer 2 Security
Lesson 2: Catalyst Switch Security

Module 7: Cisco IOS Firewall

Lesson 1: Overview of Firewalls
Lesson 2: Stateful Firewalls
Lesson 3: Zone-Based Firewall

Module 8: IOS IPS

Lesson 1: Overview of IPS
Lesson 2: Configure IOS IPS

Module 9: Site-to-Site VPNs

Lesson 1: Cryptography Methods
Lesson 2: IKE
Lesson 3: IPSec
Lesson 4: Configure VPNs

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