INE is thrilled to announce the return of the Volume 2 (Version 5 for CCIE 4.X) Lab Meet-Up series!

Do you have technical questions about Lab 1 of our latest, best-selling Volume 2, Version 5 Self-Paced Workbook for the CCIE Version 4.X lab exam?

Do you want to see an instructor discuss the solutions and best possible verifications?

Do you have specific exam strategy questions?

Do you want to meet with other fellow self-paced students and poke fun at the INE Instructor Team live online?

Then do we have the product for you!

Here are the next couple of Lab Meetups in this new and improved series:

  • Feb 5 - 11 AM EST US - Volume 2, v5, Lab 1
  • Feb 12 - 11 AM EST US - Volume 2, V5, Lab 2
  • Feb 18 - 11 AM EST US - Volume 2, V5, Lab 3

Convert to your own timezone here!

Want Even More Improvements:

  • Know you cannot attend one of the above? Send your question(s) to labmeetup@ine.com to ensure your query is fully covered Live, On-Air! Then just be sure to catch the recorded version.
  • From all questions submitted (email and live), each Meet-Up will include a free drawing for awesome prizes!
  • While we are starting with the first three labs in sequence, we do plan on jumping around per student requests.
  • All Lab Meet-Ups and Open Lecture Series sessions will be posted in CoD format the WEEK FOLLOWING the actual event.
  • I have received many emails asking about the new INE product I have hinted at...yes, we will announce it fully soon, and provide a sample! This exciting new product works perfectly in conjunction with Lab Meet-Ups and will include the series free of charge. It will be made available to existing Lab Meet-Up customers for a special upgrade price.

As always, stay tuned (RSS) to blog.ine.com for the latest from your Cisco training specialists, and we literally cannot wait to "SEE YOU IN CLASS!"

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