As I mentioned in a blog article a few months back, INE installed 7961 phones in all of our Voice Racks used for customer rental, and simultaneously struck up an exclusive deal with the company called VoIP Integration so that our students could buy their fantastic Remote Phone Control Software at quite a significant discount. More students than I ever imagined would, have contacted me and received the INE Student Edition of this software for use during their studying sessions. In fact, many that already have phones of their own, bought the software just so that they could travel and stil practice labs - while on the road - with their phones and without having to pack up and take their phones with them.

This is the very tool we use during all of the live online and recorded CCIE Voice Deep Dive's to show you exactly what is happening in real-time on the actual phones (which happen to be in front of me so that you can hear what is going on as well) for any given task we are all working through configuring or testing & troubleshooting.

Well, now VoIP Integration has updated their Remote Phone software to version 2.1 and brought quite a significant update in features. Standing out clearly in front of all of them - even in front of the great performance improvements - is support for IP Phones registered to Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express and IOS CME as SRST!

I have provided the basic configuration here that you would need to support them in CME.  Important NOTE: Don't forget the "type" command on your ephone. Without it, CME doesn't actually build the CNF files for that phone, and while they will register using the Default.cnf.xml file, that file doesn't contain the necessary Authentication URL.

ip http server
no ip http secure-server
ip http path flash:gui
ixi transport http
response size 4
no shutdown
request outstanding 1
ixi application cme
no shutdown
max-ephones 1
max-dn 1
ip source-address port 2000
url authentication admin cciecisco
log password cciecisco
create cnf-files
ephone-dn  1 dual-line
number 3001
ephone  1
mac-address 001B.5452.D7BD
type 7961
button  1:1

Download it and give it a spin, and read more about the support (found in Appendix C) of their latest Administration Guide.

Also, If you would care to purchase a copy of INE's Student Edition of the VoIP Integration Remote Control software, please ping me at msnow at ine dot com.

Mark Snow, CCIE #14073
About Mark Snow, CCIE #14073

You might say that Mark Snow began his networking career at the age of five, when his father, a patented research scientist at AT&T Bell Laboratories, started sharing his knowledge with Mark. He has been working with data and voice technology ever since, beginning with Unix System V and basic analog telephony and progressing to large data networking projects and large phone systems in both enterprise and 911 PSAP environments around the world. You’ll see Mark in all of INE’s Voice video courses and live Bootcamps. Mark Snow is also an accomplished pilot, and when he isn’t learning, labing, consulting, or teaching, he can be found jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, hanging off a rock somewhere, skiing out west, or just enjoying a quiet day at the beach with his wife and two wonderful kids. You may contact Mark Snow at msnow@ine.com, follow him on Twitter, or find him helping others in INE’s IEOC Community Forum.

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