So many students have written me excited for the upcoming Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA) 5 day online bootcamp. In this blog post I want to provide everyone with a preview of some of the hugely valuable content in this course.

Early in the week of the event, we review a network health checklist from Cisco Systems. We take this one step further during the bootcamp  and show you how to actually obtain these measurements without breaking your budget:

  • Ethernet segments should not feature a sustained utilization of 40% or higher
  • All Ethernet segments should be switched - no shared segments (hub-based)
  • No WAN links should feature a sustained utilization of 70% or higher
  • Response times should be generally less than 100 ms
  • LAN response times should generally be 2 ms

No segments have more than one cyclic redundancy check (CRC) error per million bytes of
  • No segments should have more than one CRC (cyclic redundancy check) error per million bytes of data
  • No segments should have more than 20 percent multicast or broadcast traffic
  • For Ethernet segments, there should be less than .1 percent collisions
  • Over 5 minute intervals, CPU utilization should not exceed 75%
  • The number of output queue drops should not exceed 100 in an hour
  • The number of input queue drops should not exceed 50 in an hour
  • The number of buffer misses should not exceed 25 in an hour
  • The number of ignored packets should not exceed 10 in an hour
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