Our BGP class is coming up!  This class is for learners who are pursuing the CCIP track, or simply want to really master BGP.  I have been working through the slides, examples  and demos that we'll use in class, and it is going to be excellent.  :) If you can't make the live event, we are recording it, so it will be available as a class on demand, after the live event.    More information, can be found by clicking here.

One of the common questions that comes up is "Why does the router choose THAT route?

We all know, (or at least after reading the list below, we will know), that BGP uses the following order, to determine the "best" path.

bgp bestpath

So now for the question.   Take a look at the partial output of the show command below:

bgp bestpath

Regarding the network, why did this router select the next hop route, over the one just below it?

Post your ideas, and we will have a drawing next week, before the BGP class begins.   We'll give 1 lucky winner some rack tokens for our preferred rack vendor, Graded Labs.   Everyone who comments, will be entered into the drawing.  I will update the post with the lucky winner.

Thanks for your ideas, and happy learning.

Thank you to all who responded.  eBGP is preferred over iBGP, and that is what it came down to.

The winner of the graded labs tokens is Jon!  Congratulations.

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