From all of us here at INE we would like to congratulate Petr on his CCDE success.  The CCDE is one of Cisco's most difficult and sought after certifications.  Leveraging the knowledge from his four existing CCIE's, Petr spent over 6 months of non-stop reading, thinking and analyzing network design solutions and pitfalls.  Blogging and participating in INE's amazing student community on IEOC greatly aided him in articulating and developing an understanding the complex topics necessary to pass the exam.

As one of INE's star instructors, Petr has been an integral part in the development of nearly all of INE's products. Take this weekend to share in Petr’s success with 30% off all self-paced products. Just use discount code: PETR007 when you check out at INE.com. If you're interested in seeing Petr for a live class, contact a training advisor now for special pricing.

Congratulations Petr!

Brian Dennis, CCIE #2210
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